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Managing Human Waste During SHTF

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Living off-grid often means living in rural areas with little or no utilities available, we are left to fend for ourselves, which is typically the goal anyhow and not a problem. One of the biggest things the rural off-gridder needs to take care of is human waste disposal.

This situation could have a tremendous effect on society. If human waste is left all over the place it will spread disease like wildfire!

Your Options

There are a few options.

One is the Joseph Jenkins Humanure method of composting the waste material, which works very well. It turns your waste into plant food! Of course, not everyone is on board for handling their own waste.

Knowing how to safely and efficiently get rid of or process your own waste is vital for survival. If you do not you could be headed to some really nasty medical problems.

Currently, we rely on advanced plumbing and septic systems. These are not impossible to replicate.

Your Cheap DIY Septic System

While it is cheap and easy you are going to need to get some instruction on this. You will need a number of things to help you build this system, however, these are all pretty common builds.

If you want to build your own cheap DIY septic system you are going to need the plans. It’s always good to have options and when it comes to human waste.

Disease will be the number one killer in a collapse.