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Non-Lethal Self Defense

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It is very important that you keep a balanced mind when it comes to your prepping and survival. If you are not careful you could find yourself focusing too much on one aspect of this.

While some fall into this trap with guns, ammo, and body armor, some fall into just the opposite. It’s a scary proposition to those who like to avoid violence but non-lethal self-defense is crucial.

It is no wonder that we are in such a time when violence is something to be avoided. However, when the world comes crashing down, you are going to see that violence gets a welcoming committee.

If you are not prepared to face that violence you will most certainly fall victim to it. So what does someone like you do if you don’t want to carry a gun every day?

The best alternative is to explore non-lethal self-defense methods.

Stun Guns

The power of electricity is something special. You will find that you can do serious harm and stop attackers in a hurry with something like a stun gun. They are easy to get your hands on and easy to use. Just keep them at full power.

Pepper Spray

Having the right kind of pepper spray is important. Pepper spray affects the attacker’s eyes nose and throat. It can stop the attacker’s ability to breathe effectively. The spray has become so effective that a tiny little bottle is all you need.

Extendable Batons

An extendable baton can make a huge difference. Anytime you add the element of surprise and some hard metal, it can do some damage. The benefit of a baton is that it can stay concealed very easily and spring to life at a moment’s notice.

These non-lethal self-defense items might be just what you are looking for. They could be the answer if you are unwilling to carry a firearm.