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Now Everyone Can Afford A Bunker

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I would love to build an underground bunker at my bug out location, heck even at my house if my city actually let me.

Honestly they are pricey but not out of reach… if we budget right and keep our prep heads on this dream can become a reality for majority of us reading this article.

Did you know that the one in the picture above was actually installed for under $40,000. That is pretty cheap for the size. I absolutely loved seeing how they installed the bunker and how awesome it would be if I could install one tomorrow.

Atlas Survival Shelters have some of the best shelters on the market and unlike their competition, they do not over price! Which is a rare commodity in this day and age.

I found a great website that shows us how they install a typical Atlas survival shelter that is 10′ x 50′. Read on to see a lot of pictures and a lot of info about it.

Now Everyone Can Afford A Bunker