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Off-Grid Water Systems: 8 Viable Solutions to Bring Water to Your Homestead

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Water is the key to life, hygiene, and food preparation. This goes for almost all life forms on your homestead. Do your best to have plenty of it around! Today we will look at 8 off-grid water systems that will make sure our water supplies are reliable and sustainable.well water off grid water systems

Tap Water

If your homestead is close enough to run pipe and you can afford it, you can do great with tap water. Of course, you have to be ok with what’s in your tap water and paying for that tap water. 

Rain Catchment

Hook up the rain barrels and downspouts! You can catch so much water in a year. If you are in a seasonal climate you will experience rains and rainy seasons. Take advantage of this with some rain catchment. You don’t have to use 55-gallon drums only. You can go bigger! 

Well Water

Many homesteads go the route of drilling a well or already have a well working for their water. This is an important method that should be taken advantage of. 

Solar Powered

No matter what you do with off-grid water systems you have to have a means of getting it to your homestead. Solar-powered pumps can be used to pull water from all sorts of locations like natural water sources, catchment, or even wells. 

Wind Powered 

Wind power can be used in the same methods as solar. If you have lots of wind to catch it might be worth investing in both. 

Hand Pump

The hand pump is an incredible method because you are the power. That makes a huge difference. It’s a great option when all else fails.

Water Storage 

As some portion of your preparedness plan, you can store water. Now, it’s not the best idea to make this your top means of dealing with water. However, it can help.

Fill Tanks

Better than buying cases of water, you could have water trucked in and used to fill tanks on your property. That’s a scary proposition but it’s a method nonetheless. 

Without water, there is no life. We will look at 8 off grid water systems that will make sure our water supplies are reliable and sustainable.