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Prepper Home Defense: 10 Ways to Create an Impenetrable Home Security after an EMP

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Its never a bad time to start thinking about creating a safer and more secure home. Even in today’s world people are doing crazy things.

It seems things are only getting more and more off-kilter. Now imagine what the situation will look like if there are hordes of desperate people attempting to survive an EMP your home needs to be fortified or you need to be running for your life.

Let’s look at 7 methods for off-grid security

  • Active Patrols

One of the first steps you should take is to get some neighbors together to start active, armed, patrols in your neighborhood. You have to become a hornet’s nest that people avoid. 

  • Trip Wires

Any type of noise making tripwire is a basic means of creating a simple alarm system around your home.

  • Dogs 

The humble canine has not been called man’s best friend for kicks. Dogs are very concerned about things that go bump in the night.

  • Fortified Windows

Get better windows today! 

  • Fortified Locks on Doors

Add more and stronger locks to your doors today, as well.

  • Solar Motion Lights

Whether you decide to store these lights in a Faraday cage or just take the risk, solar motion lights are a great deterrent to those who would wish to do you harm. 

  • Boards on Doors and Windows

The old fashioned methods of boarding up doors and windows, while not pretty, is a method that works. You will know long before someone gets into your home if they have to pry heavy boards and nails from the windows and doors. 

Security won’t change that much. Threats will increase but those who master deterring bad people through threats and pain are going to have the most success. 

Make your plans and act today while resources are cheap and accessible.