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Rule the Barter with 5 Stockpiled Items

Rule the Barter with 5 Stockpiled Items

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This is going to be a very raw look at the items you want to have on hand to barter. It’s not an article about being a helpful person with regard to the barter. This article is about having things stockpiled that people will do almost anything for.

This is going to be a very raw look at the items you want to have on hand to barter.We are talking about 5 high leverage barter items to store in a collapse situation. You won’t find toilet paper on this list.

You need to understand the idea behind high leverage. We want the items that people will give up their toilet paper for!


There are going to be addicts in the SHTF situation. It won’t just go away. Did you know that you can die from alcohol withdrawal?

Yea. People are going to be ready to give you anything for some booze. Be sure you have it on hand.

Children’s Pain Reliever

Parents who have children in need will also be prepared to give away the house if you have a pain reliever or fever reducer.

Do you think the average person is outfitted with enough kid’s pain reliever to get them through a tough spot? What if that child is teething or sick?


As we mentioned earlier, there will be addicts still.

A cigarette will be like a dream to someone who hasn’t had one. It will be magic to get that first drag. Be the person who can give them access to that, at a price!

Water Filters or Purification

Everyone is going to have water needs and water filters or purification tools are going to make that much easier on them.

Not many people will be prepared to deal with water management. It’s something you can barter for and they only have three days to make the decisions.


Food is food and seeds are an answer when all the old answers are gone. Be sure you have a lot of seeds that will grow food so you can barter some.

This is going to be a very raw look at the items you want to have on hand to barter.

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