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Self Defense with a Blade

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There are many things that states can be pretty unclear about. Do you know what your state laws are when it comes to carrying a blade? While having a firearm is a great method of self defense, the right knife can affect a situation, as well.

There are many things that states can be pretty unclear about.

One of the best ways a knife can be effective is as a deterrent.  It’s like the stinger of a bee. You are much more likely to be aggressive with a housefly than you are a bee or wasp. Even a small stinger can affect your thought process.

Not too mention the fact that the nation’s view of guns can make using one, even in self-defense, tough. Of course, that should be no reason not to use one but you are going to stand in front of a judge and explain why you used it. You will have to actively work your way out of guilt, these days.

Back to your state laws.

It can go either way with carrying a knife. You could find that you are carrying something illegal, currently. A CCW permit covers knives, as well. You can often carry whatever you want with that, in some states. There are also other states where you can carry almost anything!

Be sure you aren’t under carrying or over carrying in your state.  This can happen very easily. As mentioned, the right size knife on your belt can be a heck of a deterrent. If you are talking about a fixed blade knife with some thickness, it will make anyone think twice. It comes down to personal security.

Finally, if you are attacked the stink of that knife could change everything. The biggest benefit of carrying a knife is the secrecy. If an attacker gets their hands on you the surprise of that cold steel could change the situation in a hurry.

There are many things that states can be pretty unclear about.

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