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Space Saving Prepping: 10 Ideas for Stashing Your Preps

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How much time do you spend wondering about OPSEC? DO you think a lot about Operational Security? How do you define that?

Do you tell people about preparing for a disaster or do you go all out and just pretend to be the average person? 

If you are prone to 100% OPSEC there is a good chance that you are going to be hiding stuff. You cannot have buckets of food storage just hanging out in the closet where everyone can see it. That is a big deal. 

How can you find some good hiding for your stockpile? Let’s look at 10 places that you can hide your stockpile, in your home, that will make all the difference. 

False Walls

Making a quick false wall is pretty simple and just needs some basic drywall work and a coat of paint.

False Bottoms in Cabinets

You can store underneath your cabinets. It’s not a huge space but it will make a difference.

Under Beds 

Most people pay no attention to what is under beds. Fill those spaces with preps. If you are worried put the preps in shoe boxes.

In Doors

Hollow doors can be filled with rice or canned goods or both. 

In Guest Rooms

In your guest room or backroom, you can hide a lot of food and just move it when visitors come. 

In False Containers

You can use false containers to store preps. These could be things like 5-gallon buckets marked paint. 

In Master Bedroom

No one should be going to your master bedroom. So store what you want in there! 

Kids Closets

Some people hide valuables in kids’ closets because people don’t often search kids rooms when it comes to stealing things like money and jewels. 

Suit Cases

If you aren’t traveling you can store preps in suitcases. A great little hidey-hole. 


Gun safes don’t just have to be for guns!