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Soda Can Survival Hacks

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Soda cans have multiple uses in survivalist circles. Improvisation and repurposing items are essential when disaster strikes, and being able to use what you have at your disposal effectively greatly improves your chances of survival.

Due to the durability of aluminum and the ability to easily manipulate it into the shape you need, including a range of useful items, this is a great survivalist option to have available.

With some basic tools, you can repurpose the average soda can into something that will much better serve your survival needs.

Tips for Working With Soda Cans

Tips When Working With Soda Cans

It is important when working with soda cans to remember that they are extremely sharp. This may be useful if you want to fashion a soda can knife, but in general, it will require extra care when cutting, puncturing, or otherwise manipulating the can.

Often, a range of tools will be available in your garage to work with aluminum cans, including things like shears, pliers, and hole punches.

These tools may not be readily available if you are stuck in the wilderness and you come across a can that you want to repurpose. It is important to consider some natural alternatives, like sharp sticks and stones.

If you are a prepper, you will more than likely at least have a knife with you, which is one of the most useful tools you could have when crafting with cans.

f you have gloves in your survival kit, this is the best way to safely work with aluminum cans. This will allow you to easily manipulate the can without getting cut.

This may not always be a possibility, and if you are without gloves, aim to fold the can over in sharp areas, which can make it safer to use, especially for things like drinking out of areas where your lips may be exposed to sharp edges.

5 Clever Can Hacks For Survival Repurposing

can knife

DIY Knife

As previously mentioned, soda cans are extremely sharp, so naturally, they could be made into a DIY knife. All you need is a soda can, a stick, some string, and something to cut your can.

Cut a section of the aluminum can out and use a stick about 8 inches long to attach the sharp piece of can to it. Cut a slit in the stick that should be about ½ an inch in diameter to slot your cut-out piece of can in.

Use some string or a piece of shoelace to secure the can knife to the stick and be able to use it effectively.

This soda can knife can be used to create other soda can items by cutting the aluminum effectively, or for any other purpose you may need a knife for.

Signaling Mirror Or Reflector

Due to aluminum being reflective and shiny, there is always an option to utilize this property for survival purposes. If you buff out your can and really get the bottom to shine, it can have a few survival options.

One is a signaling mirror, with its shiny surface that can reflect light very well and can be used for signaling purposes fairly effectively. It may not be a top consideration but it is certainly a useful communication tool

Another good option is a reflector or using the can to direct light or the sun for another purpose, like starting a fire.

You may not have a fire starter kit, so using this technique in lieu of matches to get kindling burning is a truly life-saving use for a soda can.

Storage Container

While you may not be able to store a large amount of things in a soda can, you can definitely use it effectively to keep a small amount of things securely stored and allow them to be easily carried or transported.

Whether you need to keep your tinder secured and dry or you want to carry foraged items easily, using 2 modified soda cans is the way to do it.

Cut 2 aluminum cans in half. Discard the top halves of the cans and save the 2 bottom halves. Using needle nose pliers or a modified split stick, crimp the edges of one of the bottom halves of the 2 cans.

Add your desired storage item to the crimped side, then use the uncrimped side to close your storage container.

Twist the top can to secure your container, working like a bottle top to seal it. DIY Tupperware that will keep your tinder or foraged items secure and fresher for longer.

Water Purification Tool

If you manage to successfully find a water source in the wild, you will still need to purify it. A container to hold the water will be key to purification and that is where the soda can comes in.

Pierce the can on both sides through the top part of the can so that a stick can be used to go through the can and be able to lift it.

Fill the can with water, and use your fire to boil the water for at least 10 minutes to purify it. Use a stick to lift the hot can off the heat to cool before using. Aluminum’s ability to handle heat makes it ideal for this use.

DIY Canteen

Water storage is an essential survival item if you need to move away from your water source for a length of time.

A soda can is made for liquid storage, and some modifications to an open can will allow it to be used for this purpose once more.

Use two cans in a similar fashion to the storage container design. Cut the cans in half and discard the top halves (or use them for another purpose).

Crimp one of the bottoms to use as the bottom of your canteen with pliers or a modified stick. Add water to the bottom of the canteen.

“Screw” the second bottom on top to secure the water. Use duct tape to seal the canteen securely, and you have your own DIY canteen.

There are plenty of survival repurposing options for soda cans, and we have just covered 5 basic ones that are easy to make here.

You can use aluminum cans to make things like a drinking cup, a candle lantern, a fish hook, or even a cook stove or heater.

A lot of these soda can DIY options are a lot more complicated and may require more tools than you may readily have available in a survival situation.

One thing is certain: the average aluminum can has plenty of survival repurposing options, and they certainly can save your life.