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Soothing Gastrointestinal Issues with Sassafras

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There are many different types of healing trees, roots, and herbs that are naturally occurring.

You will find many varieties but one of the easiest to find is sassafras. Its distinct mitten-shaped leaves and “root beer” aroma make it nearly impossible to misidentify.

There are many different types of healing trees, roots and herbs that are naturally occurring.

For a long time, sassafras was considered one of the most effective healing roots for all sorts of ailments. Like many natural remedies, you will find that sassafras can affect all sorts of things, from inflammation to blood purification.

We are talking about its benefits for upset stomach and gastrointestinal problems. These are common in survival situations, particularly if you are dealing with waterborne pathogens.

The Roots Hold the Power

While the leaves and bark are very aromatic, the power of this tree comes from its root system. That is what you will want to harvest and use in making your sassafras tea.

The roots of young trees are what you are after. Sassafras is a pretty common tree. But be careful not to overharvest, as everything you take has a consequence.

The Recipe

Making Sassafras tea is a very simple endeavor and it will require that you get two sassafras tree roots.

The younger trees are best. Add to that 2 gallons of water and boil this mix covered for a couple of hours. Cool and serve.

The Risk

Sassafras contains a substance called safrole, which has been studied in rats since the late 1960s. It’s not a free ride.

Safrole has been shown to be carcinogenic and prolonged use or ingesting too much in one sitting can have devastating effects, even fatal ones.

Safrole is a blood thinner and it affects things like bone marrow depletion, testicular atrophy, and even paralysis. It doesn’t take a lot to make this happen.

Sassafras is not a daily drink or a long-term solution. It comes with very real risks and you have to understand them.

However, it can be helpful in a survival situation where you are having debilitating gastrointestinal issues.

There are many different types of healing trees, roots and herbs that are naturally occurring.