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The Homestead Guard Donkey

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Would you ever have imagined a homestead guard donkey even being an option for you? It’s only through putting these things into practice and then offering up the information to the public that ideas like these get spread around.

If you think this is some kind of gimmick you will be very surprised.

While most people would think that a guard dog is the most reasonable way to go. You might consider things like barking and feeding these animals. Sure dogs are great companions but they can hurt the finances and be pretty loud when doing their job. 

What could a guard donkey do for you on a homestead? 

Donkeys Can Fight

Donkeys might look like something to feed carrots and pet. However, animals are animals and when the rubber meets the road they will fight to survive and even protect. I have read a homesteader’s tale of a single donkey fighting off and killing three dogs at the homestead. 

These guys can scrap and they will protect livestock if need be.

Donkeys are Quiet

There is value in being quiet. You don’t want a bunch of dogs barking and people hearing that from far away. Remember, your homestead is supposed to be the perfect hideaway from SHTF. That is a big deal and you don’t want people to find your home. 

Donkeys are Natural Herders

These donkeys guard but they are also natural herders. They will protect your animals in bad times and they will do it naturally. 

Work on the homestead varies but there is always something to do. It’s great to have help in animal form and its great to have the help that comes naturally. These things are incredible. 

Don’t forget, donkeys also eat cheap. It’s going to be much cheaper to keep your guard donkey than a big guard dog.