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The Steps to Prepare for an Ice Storm

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Ice storms can be more of a nightmare than blizzards. This is because the ice is something that changes the very ground underfoot.

Ice storms can change the world around you in a matter of hours. From freezing your car doors shut to blowing out your power, ice is powerful and it must be respected.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can prepare for the next ice storm. You don’t want to be left in the cold.


The best prep for ice storm driving is to avoid it at all costs. However, sometimes people need to go to work or other places. If you are on the road during an ice storm you have to understand the danger. Roads can ice over in an hour!

Take everything slow. Place two car lengths between you and the car in front of you. Avoid routes with steep hills as you might not be able to get up them.  Ice is very dangerous and it doesn’t take much to ruin your night.

Backup Power

Ice storms bring down power lines. The weight of the ice snaps tree branches and they fall onto powerlines and transformers. If you don’t have a secondary method to warm your home you are going to be in big trouble in the cold of winter.

A solid gas generator is a great option or consider a wood stove for your home!

Buying Salt

Don’t just buy one bag of salt. The stuff is not that expensive. Buy 5-10 bags of salt and keep 3 of them inside your trunk. You see, that weight will be a big help to how your car handles on the slick roads. So its more than just an investment in salt. Don’t be one of those who are not prepared for the rough weather and rush out to get salt.