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The Tent That’s as Small as a Water Bottle

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Looking for the lightest, the most portable tent you can swap your money for? The Specialist tents from Sea to Summit could be just what your overburdened back has been wishing to get all this time.

Because most people camp a few feet from their car, they don’t appreciate what a heavy bag can do to them. What is most terrifying is to consider Americans realize what all that weight means when they are running from a disaster on food. 

Less Weight on the Bugout

Available in one person (Solo) and two-person (Duo) models, the tents tip the scales at just 625 grams (22oz.) and 846 grams (29oz.), respectively. And, yes, those numbers include the shelter, the poles, the pegs, and even the groundsheet.

In case you aren’t good with your oz and grams to pounds conversion we are talking about a tent that weighs a pound and a half. 

In case you find that too heavy, you can leave the included poles at home, too, since the tents are designed to work with regular trekking poles and natural anchors. In other words, you can forgo the stakes and carve your own and use your trekking poles to pitch the tent. 

This tent is not cheap. I personally think it could be worth every penny. I would love this in my bug out bag. Moreover, it’s a great shelter to take on long treks into the woods where you have wanted to put in some miles but not carry a house on your back.

Your Sleep System

Have you considered your sleep system, lately? There are all sorts of gear out there and firearms and other things that preppers can spend their time and money on. 

Why on earth have you not considered how you sleep and how you will sleep on a bug out.