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Three Things all Preppers Should Be Doing this Spring

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Spring brings warmer temperatures and people get out of the winter misery and into outdoor tasks. For many of us, we aren’t sure what to do when it gets warm. We are often looking for a reason to get out but don’t know what to put our energy into. 

Here are three things all preppers should consider this spring.

Expanding Food Production

When we are talking about spring it’s hard not to think about gardening and growing food. Food is just such a part of springtime. Even if you are just looking to add one more potted plant to the mix, that’s expansion. So, get involved in expanding food production.

Even if you aren’t looking to raise chickens and fill your small plot with all sorts of plants, you can still start a small raised bed.

Shooting More Often

Having guns and shooting guns are two very different things. If we have the means, we can buy guns. We can buy a nice safe to put them in but we might not be the person to get out and shoot them. In which chase, we just have knick-knacks or sculptures in a safe.

Springtime is always a nice time to get outside and what better way than to commit to hitting the range a couple of weekends a month? Hopefully, you never need these skills but its good to commit to any skill training and firearms are a great equalizer.


While it might seem like more fun than anything else, fishing is a true prepper skill. There is no reason not to have fish hooks in the water as often as possible. Even if you aren’t the type to keep your catch, understanding how to catch fish is vital.

Fish are stuck. They cannot really get away. In a pond, it’s even more the case. So you know where the food is and will be. If you can get it out of the water, well, you will have food!