Tiny House Guide For Preppers And Their Families

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The tiny house has changed the way people are living. It might be hard to understand why or how, but a tiny house gives you a number of options that you might not consider. This tiny house guide will help you see what a powerful option it can be for preppers.

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Why You Should Consider A Tiny House

There are all sorts of different types of tiny houses that can be built. 

To best understand how the tiny house can affect the population, is to understand the new style of high debt liftoff that most young people start their adult life with. If they really go for it in school and buy a home, they will be carrying over 1/4 of a million dollars in debt! 

That’s a horrible start to life. 

A tradesman, on the other hand, could avoid college and build a tiny house for about $7000 and start living debt-free! That is the power of the tiny house if you are willing to live that way. 

Tiny Homes for Preppers 

The opportunity that a tiny home presents for preppers is that a bugout location can become feasible. You see, your tiny home could be combined with a small piece of land and for under $10,000 you could have a serious bug out location.

If you put the tiny home on wheels and attach it to your truck, now you can have a bugout location on the go! It’s not gonna be like a bunker or a cabin in the woods, but it’s much better than building a lean-to as your bug out plan. 

Tiny House Investment

The tiny house investment is presented as something where you create a homey space that is cute and looks good in home and garden magazine. 

However, you can look at this tiny house as more of a prepper investment. Could you turn that tiny house into a comms bunker with reinforced walls and tons of storage space? What could a tiny house really be if you developed one with prepping in mind? 

Tiny House Guide: How To Make It Work For You

The tiny house movement is huge these days! Here’s a guide to building one for yourself and ideas for living well if you decide to give it a try.

From reasons why you should consider a tiny home, to step by step building instructions and must have tiny house decorations and accessories, you’ll find it all here.

If you’d like to build your own tiny house, you owe it to yourself to get educated first.

This ebook will help you avoid every imaginable mistake and get the best guidance for building a mini house for yourself.

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Tiny house living basically means living minimally in a small home with a size of under 500 square feet.

If you've never heard of this concept before, you might think that it's weird because isn't it better to live in a modern, big house like those celebrities' homes you see on TV?

Well, the main reason why some people choose to live in a small home is because they want to spend less money on purchasing and maintaining the house. Plus it is way less stressful to clean and decorate the house.

That's why the tiny house movement is huge (pun intended)!

If you're interested in building your own tiny house, or just want to see what they look like, check out this collection of 20 tiny house plans and ideas that are small and beautiful.

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Are you good at DIY projects? If you want to build your own tiny house, you’ll need some plans first.

Here are 15 FREE plans to get you started.

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The tiny house phenomena is one that takes many people by storm. At first glance, it seems like some strange cry out for attention.

You wonder: how on earth, and why would people ever want to live in a house built on a trailer that is hardly big enough to contain them?

From the outside, it looks like some sort of hippy movement that will end in disaster for those involved.

Then, if you're smart, you begin to see the benefits. You start to imagine your life without a mortgage, and with a very different job that allows you to travel wherever you want.

Suddenly, the allure of the tiny house begins to drill into your mind! What next?!

Before long you are wondering where you would go in such a house. So how much does a tiny house cost to build?

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Have you always wanted to build a tiny house? I know I have. The plans alone are so expensive! I found a great website that goes over how to build your own tiny house and even has FREE plans.

So get busy and start building the tiny house of your dreams.  I just wish my wife liked small spaces like I do.

On average, a tiny house can cost around 20k dollars. That in itself isn't a lot of money in this day and age. You will have no mortgage, low bills and the freedom to do anything you may have dreamed of.

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Tiny House Accessories

Living in a tiny house is very different than your normal home. Here are some accessories that will make life easier and more pleasant.

I have for the longest time been a fan of camping, I have told you a million times over the years, but I like to go camping 7-8 times a year. I would go more, but in the Midwest, it can get very cold and for that reason, I stay home.

Now, obviously, the carbon monoxide scares me with any wood-burning stoves, but I think I could get over that if I had a detector in my camping supplies. 

This portable wood stove design, which can conveniently fold down to a compact, easy-to-carry package,  might just do the trick to heat up the interior of a tent, little house, yurt or van. Check it out.

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Tiny House Ideas

See how others use tiny homes and get inspired.

The craze of the tiny house has really become an effective method of living. If you can bring yourself to make this change you are going to fall in love with the freedom of the tiny house.

More than that you are going to fall in love with not having a mortgage! What can you do if you do not have a mortgage payment?

How different is your life if you can go where you want when you want? It's all possible today.

Beyond the energy-efficient mini house on wheels, this is also a powerful bugout option. YES! That is what makes these tiny structures so appealing to preppers.

Instead of investing in that cabin in the woods, you are going to have a bugout location that can travel with you. That is a powerful option for when you are running from disaster.

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If you are anything like me you will LOVE these 15 DIY RVs, converted buses & tiny houses. I literally can't get enough of them. There are so many awesome homes to look at it will leave you wanting more.

My favorite is a micro house with a built-in hot tub. Yes, a freaking hot tub! I can't believe how creative people can get. I see a lot of you ask for more of this type of post so I hope this will satisfy your hunger for a house on wheels.

Check out all 15 and let me know which you would have in a heartbeat. No, you can't have them all lol. Choose one and let me know.

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I love cabins and off the grid shelters! This image is from tinyhousetalk.com and it shows you all the pictures of this cabin inside and out.

It's nice to read how people can survive in such a small space. If it came to it, I am sure we all could. Well, we would have to, if we had nowhere else to go.

This would be a perfect bug out cabin for me.

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The tiny house movement seemed to be for the most extreme or the newlyweds without college debt who decided to play the national game and bounce around before having kids, or not.

This movement seemed more like a silly fad than anything else. Strangely enough, it is still growing and people are loving the idea of getting around in a small place to stay and seeing everything there is to see in this nation.

However, it wasn't till recently that preppers got sight of the tiny home and started considering it a viable bugout location.

This article is about the ultimate self-sufficient tiny house. This thing is very impressive and it also helps to know that you are going to be able to use it for both travel and the potential bugout scenario. What can be done with one of these pods is pretty impressive.

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Have you been looking into building your own off the grid tiny house/cabin? The very process can be a daunting and confusing time. I found a 185 sq. ft. off-grid solar tiny house design that is said can be built for under 10k.

Jonathan Marcoux’s squared eco-house is 12’3″ x 12’3″. It has a water harvesting system, solar heating, solar panels, aquaponics farming system, and more. All of this fits nicely into and around the tiny house and can get you off the grid quite comfortable.

Heating will be provided mainly by firewood but a propane system can be integrated as a backup. Water heating in the summer is taken care of by a solar roof water heater.

In the winter the wood stove can be used to heat water. And a propane instant hot water heater can also be installed. There are so many possibilities with this build that I hope more people embrace this as a feasible living option. Check out the plans and read more information on this cool find in the link below.

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Raising kids is a serious undertaking. That might be the understatement of the year. As parents, you struggle to find a quiet moment to collect yourself before heading back into the war of feeding, cleaning and transporting children.

It's a constant struggle. But spending time with your kids, the great moments you share with them will  erase all that. What if you were trapped in a tiny house with children? How does that work?

I love this article and think it touches on a subject that preppers do not focus on enough: children. Let's not forget that living in a tiny house with kids is very similar to living in a bunker with kids.

Don't underestimate the frustration that could come from living in such proximity with children. It's not an easy feat. Read this article and consider if you have what it takes to pull something like this off.

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When I hear the word downsizing. it often conjures up visions of children growing up and heading off to college.

I see mother and father staring at one another inside a once necessary home that has suddenly just become a headache to two people who are ready to start living again. The fact is, people of all walks of life are seeing the benefits of taking a decrease in their footprint and economic obligations.


As preppers, we have to be very efficient with our storage. That only gets more important if you decide to downsize. Where you store your preps will be a big thing to consider when moving into a smaller home. 

Get Out!

You will quickly understand that you need to spend less time inside. That is a good thing. Before long you will learn to appreciate time outside the home rather than placing all your time inside on the couch in front of the big television.

Spend Time Together

The smaller space forces you to live together. It forces you together. That is a practice in and of itself. 

Review of Budget

You will also be able to enjoy a new budget with more money! Review your budget and see if you want to save that money, put it towards prepping, or do something else with it. 

You could focus that money on spending more time outside the home than being stuffed inside a big home all the time. 

Eliminate What's Trivial

This journey will also force you to understand the things that are truly necessary for you to be happy. We hold on to lots of stuff. That is just how humans are. When you don't have space, you begin to realize that much of the stuff you keep around is there to take up that space! 

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While many of us understand the bugout and the importance of a solid bugout plan, Its hard to really know what we are going to do, or where we are going to go if we dont have a location already. 

The reality is that people have a limited amount of cash flow. In fact, more than half of all Americans are carrying some serious debt! Who has the money to buy up a cabin in the woods?

What if there was a way to build your own bugout location that was mobile? To take advantage of these we need to look into the tiny house movement. You could bugout using a DIY tiny house on wheels.

Of course, a mobile bugout location has its benefits. This gives you the ability to keep your bugout
location influx while things go crazy all around you! 

Traveling Bugout Location

There is something to be said about a bugout location that is constantly changing. If you have the gas reserves to keep a bugout location on the go, till things cool down, that's a pretty awesome gameplan. I would certainly look into being able to travel with a tiny house attached to various places. 

Maybe not as tranquil as a location in the woods but could be more effective. 

Park and Stay

If your bugout location is mobile it gives you the ability to park and stay where you are. If you are running a four-wheel drive, well now you can pull up virtually anywhere and stay the night or for a few days! It doesn't get much better than that! 

How you can virtually bugout from any location to any location and have viable shelter. If you stock that shelter with food and water, you can have months of operational capability. 

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How To Build A Mortgage Free Tiny House For $5,900 – Video

Who wouldn’t want to live a debt-free life… Check out this awesome mortgage free small house that you can make over a weekend for the price of a luxury vacation in Mexico or Disneyland!

This article will show you how one couple built their very own mortgage-free small house for $5,900 and how you might be able to do the same using reclaimed materials that are inexpensive and many times completely free. All it takes is your dedication and labor.

This is a great way to get debt free and actually enjoy life again. This is not for everyone but if you are wanting to get off the grid this is for you, and remember the price will obviously go up or down depending on how resourceful you are at finding and buying your materials… Check it out below 🙂

I hope this tiny house guide has helped you get inspired, as well as see how it could help in case of an emergency.

To best understand how the tiny house can affect the population, is to understand the new style of high debt liftoff that most young people start their adult life with. If they really go for it in school and buy a home, they will be carrying over 1/4 of a million dollars in debt! 

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