Tips for Surviving the Government Shutdown

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We are getting into deep water with the government shutdown. We are facing things that we have not faced in this nation before. Most of it has to do with dependency and that doesn’t bode well for the people of this nation and the civility therein.

We are getting into deep water with the government shutdown.

The longer this thing goes on the more families are going to fall into tough times. Now, this is not an article about placing the blame on one party or another, its about assuring you don’t get jammed up by a government shutdown in the future or surviving the one we are living through.

Here are some great tips for surviving the government shutdown.

Diversify your Income

Everyone has a side hustle these days. With the internet you have the ability to do all sorts of business online. You can easily turn your passion into a little money on the side. You can also grow it from there. Be sure that you start considering having more than one income stream. This will at least give you something to fall back on in times like this.

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Call your Lenders

Many companies are offering support for those affected by the government shutdown. You might be able to get some help and not even know it. Be sure to let those you pay know that you are out of work temporarily if you are such an employee.

You could be stressing over something that doesn’t need to be paid or can be deferred this month.

Prepare for the Worst

Right now the government shutdown is an inconvenience. Before long it will be more than that. If this thing goes on too long there will be riots in the streets. Be prepared to react to a collapse of civility if the right moves aren’t made in another month or so.

We are getting into deep water with the government shutdown.

Bonus: How to Make Pemmican, the Original Survival Food

Invented by the natives of North America pemmican was used by Indian scouts as well as early western explorers.

Native Americans spent a great deal of time on the go and depended on having portable, high-energy, highly nutritious, and filling foods that would last for long periods of time without refrigeration.

Pemmican is a portable, long-lasting, high-energy food. It's made of lean, dried meat that's crushed into powder and mixed with hot, rendered fat. This makes it one of the ultimate foods to have stockpiled for when SHTF or disaster strikes.

Learn How to Make Pemmican

How To Make Pemmican: The Original Survival Food - If you're living through a disaster where you're on your feet a lot and don't have time to cook, one of the best foods you can eat is pemmican. It's packed full of fat and protein and can give you lots of steady energy throughout the day.

People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks 150 years ago did it.

These guys were the last generation to practice basic things, for a living, that we call "survival skills" now.

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