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Top 9 Reasons Why You Need a Revolver for Self-Defense

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Self-defense is a very important personal responsibility. We must take this very seriously. While we have constructed an effective society with protections in place there are still monsters out there and you need answers for them 


The Revolver

If you can carry a semi-automatic handgun that has 14 bullets in it, why on earth would anyone consider carrying a six-shooter? 

Here is a list of 9 reasons: 


The mechanics of the revolver are very simple so you won’t struggle with things like jams. perfect for a quick self-defense situation. 


Because the guns are metal and heavy they are going to absorb more of the kick and people often find themselves shooting more accurately with weighty revolvers.


The grips on revolvers are much more ergonomically sound. Instead of the straight grip of many semi-autos, the revolver is a great weapon for carrying comfort.

Easy to Maintain

Because of the basic mechanics, these weapons are much easier to disassemble and clean. They can be maintained very simply. 

Easy to Conceal 

The snub-nosed revolver is such an impressive little package. It can be easily concealed if you are a CCW permit holder. This can be especially true for women who are carrying a concealed weapon. A lot of women’s concealed carry clothing options, such as leggings and belly bands, work great with revolvers especially those of the snub-nose variety.”


The semi-automatic can fire with just a flick of the trigger when its single action. That is very dangerous with children around. All revolvers are double action and require quite a bit of force to send a round-off. 

Easy to Repair 

Another nod to the basic mechanics the revolver has very few parts and pieces and will be easy to fix. 


These guns are designed to take a beating. They are all metal and there is no one trying to make polymer revolvers. They will stand strong on your hip as long as you need a firearm. 

Law Friendly

While pistols with large magazines could come under scrutiny by the law it’s not likely we will ever see people bat an eye at a revolver.