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What Happens When all the Food is Gone

What Happens When all the Food is Gone

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Maybe there is no survival situation more bleak than urban survival. Of course, there is the situation of being lost at sea, that would might be right up there. Still, true urban survival in a collapse will be nothing short of a horror show.

Maybe there is no survival situation more bleak than urban survival.

Aside from so many people rubbing up against one another, in such close quarters, you are going to run out of resources. There is just no getting around it. The power, the water, the food and everything else you depend on is going to disappear.

We have all seen the riots. We have seen what it looks like when people have a mere perception of scarcity.  We all know how quickly it can get bad. So, what happens after a month. What happens when all the food is gone and no one is coming to replenish it?

Hidden Food Caches

In the city you could certainly benefit from something like hiding food caches. In the most remote areas of the city, you could bury containers or PVC pipes with foodstuffs. These foods would give you options, quiet options, when all has fallen apart. These options are so important because when the food is gone, its gone.

Storage Units

It will not be uncommon for people to raid storage units but we can use a storage unit on the outskirts of town to store a prepper cache full of items, including food. Of course, this assumes you trust the owner and will be able to get to that stuff after a collapse.

The struggle with the urban environment is always the same. There is no where to produce food. Even rooftop gardens would be inefficient to feed the whole population. You have to keep your options open.

Hey, we cannot forget about trapping. Yes, trapping. The rats that roam under your feet might be your knew favorite food.

Maybe there is no survival situation more bleak than urban survival.

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