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What is a Wofati and How Does it Work?

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When building a homestead from scratch, one of the biggest challenges is building a home that is both comfortable and self-sufficient. 

While you can build a cabin from lumber and reclaimed materials, the winter months will be difficult without some serious insulation.

An alternative to traditional cabins is the Wofati-a basic pole structure with a waterproof covering and a green roof.  The Tiny Life has followed permaculturist Paul Wheaton in his build of a Wofati.

Wheaton’s design is pretty simple and economical—the pole structure with earthen insulation, then a waterproof lining under a green roof.

Sloping is very important to keep water draining away from the home, but most of the building materials can be locally sourced.

Budgeting with materials is important because establishing a green roof can be the costliest part of the build.  I particularly like the versatility of this structure-it can also function as a root cellar if you already have a home!

What is a Wofati and How Does it Work?