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When is it Time to Go?

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While it wouldn’t be the first time we touched on the subject, its time we get back on the subject of REDOUT. One of the most powerful pieces of knowledge and most important decisions you make will be the one that takes you out of harms way. Of course, the timing on that decision is everything.

If you are too early than you might seem foolish but you will be safe. If you are too late, well… don’t be too late. So what are some of the metrics you can use to get out of harms way? The best way to determine this is to understand the acronym REDOUT


Are you out of or going to be out of resources soon?


Is the environment posing a severe threat that could threaten your life? If so you need to get away from that environment.


Do you have a location? Is that location safer than your current situation?

Overwhelming Force

Are you facing a force that is far too powerful for you to handle?


While we like to think we are prepared for everything, have we stumbled into a scenario that is too powerful for us?

Threat has increased

Is a once manageable threat now one that cannot be handled in the current parameters?

These are the questions to ask yourself when considering REDOUT. If one or some of these signs show their head you have to start making decisions. You have be prepared to go and you need a place to go. Do not depend on REDOUT if you have no answer to your BOL.

Recognizing a threat is just one part of the plan. You have to be able to react quickly and carefully. Hesitation is not an option when up against things like overwhelming force.