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Why the Deadfall Works

Why the Deadfall Works

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One of the most underutilized skills of any prepper is trapping. There are many reasons preppers and most people don’t like trapping. It can be an ugly practice. Still, it is a very effective way of feeding your family. In the worst case scenario our people have always trapped.

One of the most underutilized skills of any prepper is trapping.

The best way to deal with traps is by using killing trips. This means when you show up you don’t need to do anything but process the animal. This is a very important thing to consider.

The deadfall trap is one such killing trap. This trap utilizes a figure four trigger system that requires a bit of practice to create effectively. A large rock or other weight is leaned against this trigger system and falls onto the animal you are trying to catch when it’s triggered

You need a weight that is 5 times that of the animal you are looking to trap. This means you are limited to what you can trap with a deadfall.

The deadfall works because the heavyweight suffocates the trapped animal. Many people think the deadfall crushes the animal when in fact, the weight assures that as the animal breathes out it cannot take another breath in.

Like I said, trapping is a little ugly but it can be very effective. While you might not appreciate it when the supermarkets are open and serving up plastic-wrapped steaks, once that changes so could your mind. If you are going to learn one trap to pre-fabricate from the natural world, it should be the figure four deadfall.

Don’t forget that trapping extends to the water as well. While you might not like the idea of trapping mammals you can always create fish and crayfish traps. Becoming proficient at trapping fish and crustaceans can be very effective as well!

One of the most underutilized skills of any prepper is trapping.

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