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Zombie Survival Weapons

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If the zombie apocalypse happens you need to make sure you are prepared and weapons are an essential in order to make sure that you survive.

You may not have access to a range of weapons should zombies take over so it is important to stay stocked with weapons in case it happens.

Also important is to look at survival weapons DIY should you need to improvise on the fly. We have found some “killer” zombie survival weapons to allow you to defend yourself should the worst happen.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Weapons For Sale

First let’s have a look at some quality zombie survival weapons that you can buy off the shelf and that will allow you to stay safe during the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Killer Recon Double Headed Throwing Ax

Zombie Killer Recon Double Headed Throwing Axe

This throwing ax comes with a double head that can allow you to keep your distance from a zombie while throwing it in for a kill.

It is super sharp and with a good grip will let you get the job done effectively. This ax option will allow you to have repetitive kills if you have good aim.

REAPR 11003 Survival Spear

REAPR 11003 Survival Spear, Stainless Steel Hunting Spear, Tactical Throwing Spear, Nylon-Fiberglass Tactical Spear Handle, Decisive Hunting Gear
  • TRUE SURVIVALIST’S TOOL: Hunt as our ancestors did with a hunting spear made for piercing, prying, impaling, and breaching; Double edged stainless steel blade spear gives you the edge in self defense; Skewer targets with quality hunting equipment
  • ACCURATE THROWING SPEAR: Long spears are unwieldy throwing tools; Get our versatile and compact 44 inch throwing spear; REAPR spears have lightweight grooved nylon-fiberglass shafts making throwing and close quarters defense quick and decisive
  • DECORATION OR RECREATION: Walk softly and carry the perfect combat spear; Makes a statement on your wall or by your side; The stainless steel blade is an excellent recreational throwing tool; Pierce makeshift targets without damaging the blade
  • RESPECT THE BLADE: Accidents can happen without the right precautions; We’ve equipped the combat camping tool with a rubberized TPR snap sheath that’s tight on the metal spear head; Our double bladed spear is easily sharpened after multiple uses
  • SPEAR ATTRIBUTES: Spear’s 2Cr13 stainless steel precision cast head measures 8 1/8 inches long and 11 mm thick; Nylon-fiberglass handle is bolt reinforced and flexes to prevent damage to the defense spear; Overall REAPR spear length of 44 inches

This survival spear will make an excellent zombie apocalypse weapon. You will be able to defend yourself with this spear by piercing, prying, impaling, and breaching a zombie.

This double edge stainless steel blade will allow you to deal with zombies with ease.

MTech USA MT-588DG Fixed Blade Neck Knife

A small but deadly weapon option, this knife will be easy to store and carry during the zombie apocalypse but is sharp enough to defend yourself in close combat.

A great portable survival weapon choice that can save your life.

Zune Lotoo Survival Camping Shovel

Zune Lotoo Survival Shovel Multitool 28 in 1 Luxury Kit, Tactical Camping Folding Shovel, Unbreakable Martensitic Steel Adjustable 7 Angles 24-35.4'' Length, Compact Gear for Outdoor Hiking Emergency
  • 7 Key Angles Lock Patent: One-handed operation, one key to quickly adjust 7 angles. The compact survival shovel kit provide the fastest rescue in an emergency, make your camping trip, off-roading adventure, backpacking, hiking, and get outdoors more safer. Patent No.-ZL201410131679.8
  • Sturdy survival tool: The durable tactical shovel head is made of martensitic steel and cast in one piece. The thickest part is as high as 1.3cm, HRC 60 and it can bear 1984lb. It will not rust in salt water for 25 days, and will not break in cold weather of minus 60 degrees.
  • All-in-one multitools: The camping shovel folding multitool has shovel blade and axe blade in the shovel surface, great for shovelling, chopping, cutting, sawing, digging, hammering. also includes bottle opener, survival whistle, camera support, fire starter, wire saw and rope.
  • Upgrade handle: The handle is made of aircraft grade aluminum military grade, with a thickness of 5.01mm, sturdy and reliable. And the removable black non-slip silicone pad can be adjusted to the most suitable position according to your needs.
  • Solid little shovel: Our foldable shovel is about 24.2 in (3 handles), with 2 extension rods, and the total length of the assembled 5-section handle is 35.4 in. All can be disassembled and packed in a green carrying pouch, which is lightweight and portable, great for toolbox of truck, car/RV camping.

During any apocalypse situation having multifunctional tools and weapons is very helpful.

This folding camping shovel can be functional for everyday use but will make a great zombie survival weapon as you can use the sharp end of the shovel in self defense if you are in a pickle.

Leopcito Camping Machete Axe Survival Hatchet with Sheath

Leopcito 11 Inch Hatchet with Sheath, Small Compact Machete Axes, Fixed Blade Full Tang Camping Tactical Knife for Woodworking, Garden Machete Axe with Sheath for Bushcraft Yards Bushes Wood, A4SL
  • AXE MACHETE -- Uniquely designed axe machete features sturdy, capable, and effortless, great for camping, fishing, hunting, and bushcraft project.
  • HANDY SIZE -- This easy-to-hold and operate machete is equipped with a front-heavy blade, much handier when hacking or cutting. 10.83" L x 3.11" W x 0.15" (blade thickness) x 0.47" (handle thickness)
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE -- Three riveted handle was made of durable PP (polypropylene) material, ergonomic contour with fine anti-slip lines. Prevent falling off while being comfortable to operate.
  • FULL TANG BLADE -- Damascus patterned blade was made of premium #420 stainless steel, the full tang design blade has excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance, durable and sharp.
  • BELT SHEATH -- Comes with a protective nylon sheath with an easy-open fastening system, convenient for you to carry out while effectively protecting the blade.

If you are looking for a more heavy duty zombie apocalypse survival weapon then this is an ideal one. This thick and uniquely designed machete is easy to use and will cut through almost anything including zombies should the need arise.

34 Inch Authentic Handmade Forged Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Tempered Hunting Viking Sword Knife

Custom Handmade Sword - Dagger Sword -Damascus Sword with Sheath - Viking Sword - Hunting Sword - Full Tang - Katana Sword longsword - Katana Real - Samurai Sword Real Katana - Swords for Men 9852
  • HUNTING SWORD: Total length 34 inches Approx blade length 26 inches Approx handle length 8 inches Approx Amazing combination of Beautiful Leather Full Tang Handle.
  • This Damascus full tang short sword is masterfully crafted from premium quality layered Damascus steel with a unique upswept point saber blade.
  • Our Knives have been built with Perfection in Mind. Ideal Multipurpose Cutlery Gift (Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, for Home Cooks, Professional Chef’s, Culinary Students and more.Great piece of art for a perfect gift knife as well as fully functional and Have a Pure Leather Sheath.
  • Our unique curved Quality Material Used 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS.Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60.Damascus blade has a super strength core and is sheathed in (352 true Layers) of Damascus steel to add additional strength and protect your knife. The blade is curved offering a Rock and Cut motion.
  • The professional items, Knife can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks - designed for cutting, slicing - mincing and dicing of fruit - vegetables and meat.It is very easy for you to crush food like garlic - ginger and tomato - etc etc. Makes you enjoy the kitchen life and experience endless fun- best gift for your family and friends

If you have watched any zombie series or movie you will have seen a character that has used a sword knife as a survival weapon.

The long blade comes in handy to keep the zombies at arms length and the shard blade slices through zombies with ease.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow

Ace Martial Arts Supply Cobra System Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow, 80-Pound (Scope with 39 Arrows and 2 Strings)
  • Cobra System Self cocking crossbow
  • 80 lb Draw Weight
  • Fiberglass construction with Adjustable Sight
  • Great for both hunting and target shooting
  • Includes 4 x20 scope, 39 aluminum arrows, and two 80 lbs strings

Another fan favorite in terms of zombie apocalypse survival weapons is a crossbow. It gives you the advantage of taking care of the zombies from a high vantage point and this option is self cocking adding to its ease of use.

Cold Steel Defense Baseball Bat Brooklyn Crusher

Cold Steel Baseball Bat Brooklyn Crusher (92BSS), Black 29 inch
  • 29in Length/ 33oz Weight
  • Will never break, rot, crack, splinter, or fade
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: These bats are made to hold up to heavy abuse during training. Not to be confused with regulated bat that is intended to be light weight and balanced, the Brooklyn Series is designed to promote strength and muscle control.
  • USE: Perfect for weight or endurance training for practice and warmups. To be used in conditioning drills when practicing.
  • Includes limited manufacturer's warranty; details included with purchase

Sometimes you can use pure strength with a good self defense weapon that does not have a blade like this baseball bat.

This steel bat will make a great zombie survival weapon and allow you to swing at the zombies and knock them out of the park.

Weed Torch Propane Burner

Propane Torch Burner Weed Torch High Output 1,200,000 BTU with 10FT Hose,Heavy Duty Blow Torch with Flame Control and Turbo Trigger Push Button Igniter,Flamethrower for Garden Wood Ice Snow Road (Blue
  • 🔥Powerful Propane Weed Torch:Our Weed Flame Torch delivers up to 1,200,000 BTUs and heats-up to over 3800 ºF with ease for a variety of High-Heat applications;and it has a large nozzle produce strong flame with smooth operation which save hours of hard work.
  • 🔥Advanced Ignition and Flame Control: The Weed Burner Torch comes with electronic igniter to help you start the flame quickly and safely;Gas valve and a turbocharger trigger allows you to adjust the flame with one hand. Equipped with an ergonomic handle to increase comfort during use.
  • 🔥No Chemical Weeding Solution:With the propane weed torch you can solve the weeds between hard to reach crevice efficiently. It is Chemical Free! Do no harm to mother nature.Environmentally Friendly.
  • 🔥cCSAus Certified: The Propane Torch comes with a valve seal ring manufactured in Germany ( UL certificate ), Working PSI: 350 lbs.Reverse thread POL safety valve (loose by turning right, tight by turning left). Contains internal safety mechanisms that restricts 99% of propane flow,in case of leakage.Fitted with a 7/8"-14 TPI male propane bottle connection with a steel tip diameter of 2 5/8’’.
  • 🔥10FT Hose for Extra Reach and Safe: The Weed Torch Wand comes with an extended 10 FT hose (CSA Listed),Allows for improved maneuverability & extension when working outdoors or on big projects.Reducing unnecessary bending and crouching while landscaping, and the chances of sustaining burns or other injury when igniting a grill or campfire.

Having a survival weapon that uses fire can only be an asset in the zombie apocalypse. This weed torch option could take care of a number of zombies if you find yourself surrounded or in a tight spot.

Snake Eye Tactical 27.5 Inches Large Blood Rayne Ninja Forearm Vampire Zombie Machete Sword Blade

Snake Eye Tactical 27.5 Inches Large Blood Rayne Ninja Fore arm Vampire Zombie Machete Sword Blade (6090)
  • Snake Eye Tactical Blood Rayne Ninja Forearm Vampire Zombie Machete Sword Blade Knife
  • Overall 27.5 Inch Length Of Machete
  • 17-3/8-inch hard-anodized black stainless steel Ergonomic grip and hi-tech strap that wraps around forearm for secure feel
  • It comes complete with a black nylon sheath for easy carrying. Includes a nylon sheath.

A weapon choice that can become part of your body and basically extend your limbs with a deadly edge is a huge plus. This forearm blade allows you to attach a sharp and deadly blade to your arm and defend yourself in the zombie apocalypse.

Survival Weapons DIY

If you find the zombie apocalypse has hit at a time before you were able to prepare then you will need to improvise and make do with what you already have.

Using Items You Can Find Around Your House

The kitchen is a great place to start for DIY survival weapons. Using things like knives and pots and pans are all viable options to use in self defense.

Knives can even be modified into spears using a broom handle and some duct tape giving you some added advantage to fight zombies at a distance. Things like blenders can also be modified with a bit of ingenuity.

Graters will make good additions to zombie apocalypse weapons. Basically anything sharp that can cut is your friend.

Using Items You Can Find Around Your Garage

Tools that can be found in your garage will be an asset as zombie apocalypse weapons. A lot of them are sharp and combined with other items can become deadly.

Think adding nails to the end of a baseball bat or using a chainsaw as long as your battery is good to go. The options with your tool store are truly endless from a DIY survival weapon point of view.

Make Your Own Weapons From Wood

Sharpening sticks to use them as makeshift spears and knives will really help in your fight against the zombies as you can continue to make your own weapons as long as there are trees around.

You can even make your own bow and arrows with some logic or a basic tutorial if you have some wood and the right string to make your bow.


One thing is certain is if the zombie apocalypse comes to pass you will only be limited in terms of survival weapons by your creativity.

Whether you have purchased zombie apocalypse weapons and are ready to go should the worst happen. Or if you have to improvise with what you have on hand in your home or surroundings you will be the ultimate survivor with these great zombie survival weapon options.

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