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How To Build A Semi-Permanent Family Shelter

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How To Build A Semi-Permanent Family Shelter

How To Build A Semi-Permanent Family Shelter Follow Me on Pinterest

Image Credit: bushcraftuk.com

Shelter is one of the most important things you need to know how to make in an emergency situation.

This awesome, family size shelter is just a large “debris shelter” for all intense and purposes but with the added protection from the rain because of the tarp or plastic sheeting placed over the top. If you are a lone wolf this could be made smaller and you could be quite comfortable for quite a while.

Having a long term shelter could mean your survival. I know that if my bug out shelter is compromised or I have to ditch the bug out shelter altogether I have this as a pretty decent back up. I always carry a tarp in my bug out bag so adding this to a debris hut will certainly make it a comfortable place to stay away from the elements. I use this tarp… 10′ X 14′ Blue 6-mil Waterproof Poly Tarp.

The pictures above are from a forum thread I will link you to, so please look at all the photos and read the comments. I find you get so many more ideas and many improvements from a wide range of people with skills.

How To Build A Semi-Permanent Family Shelter

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