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How To Build A Rocket Stove 6 Different Plans

How To Build A Rocket Stove 6 Different Plans

How To Build A Rocket Stove 6 Different Plans http://www.shtfpreparedness.com/how-to-build-a-rocket-stove-6-different-plans/

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Rocket stoves are fantastic cooking machines. They can produce a lot of heat, from very little fuel. See how you can make one … 6 different ways!

I have built many brick rocket stoves over the past few years. Most of the time I built these while camping. It’s so much easier to manage cooking over a rocket stove than a big campfire. I also have brought several over the years, some costing over $100. Honestly the DIY ones work just as good if not better in some instances.

The article I am sharing with you today has 6 great designs ranging from brick to basic mud stoves. You have to see them to believe it. Rocket stoves are great for emergency situations too… They can cook food, boil water and unlike a fire which can use whole logs in 10 minutes, a rocket stove can use as little as 5 or 6 medium twigs to boil a pot of water, so they are very efficient.

How To Build A Rocket Stove 6 Different Plans

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