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How To Turn An Old Chest Freezer Into An Extremely Energy Efficient Refrigerator



You are probably wondering why on earth you would want to turn a freezer into a refrigerator, well, simple. If SHTF the likely hood of us having enough power to keep things frozen is unlikely. This method makes that chest freezer 10 – 20 times more energy efficient than a regular refrigerator meaning possible you could run this modified chest freezer from solar or wind power.


If you are trying to get off the grid, tune up your DIY skills or just want to save more money, this is a really cool project to keep in mind. Not only will you have an extremely efficient refrigerator but you will have a huge one also. See how to turn an old or new if you have the cash, into an extremely efficient refrigerator below:

 How To Turn An Old Chest Freezer Into An Extremely Energy Efficient Refrigerator 

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