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Morse Code Alphabet: 4 Tricks for Learning it Quickly

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There are plenty of tricks preppers use to learn the Morse code alphabet.

You can use it to communicate secretly with people you trust during emergencies.

Recognizing Morse code the second you hear it allows you to react quickly, which could save you in a SHTF situation.

Morse Code Alphabet Chart Explained

morse code alphabet

In Morse code, we represent letters through dots, dashes, and empty spaces.

These sounds have a rhythm, allowing others who know the code to interpret the message. It breaks down like this:

  • The dot is the standard measurement unit.
  • A dash is the length of three dots.
  • A space between letters is three dots.
  • A space between words is seven dots.

The most popular form of this code is the International Morse Code. It’s more straightforward than the original code, so it’s the version you’ll need to learn.

The Morse code alphabet isn’t as random as you may think. The most used letters have shorter patterns, making spelling common words faster. For example, the most-used letter in the alphabet is “E.” So, it makes sense that “E” is a single dot.

“T” is one of English’s next most common letters, a single dash in Morse code.

Importance of Morse Code Alphabet for Preppers

man using morse code

Learning the Morse code alphabet is essential for preppers. You can use it in a disaster situation where other modern forms of communication are down. That way, even if your phone or computer loses service, you can still contact others.

Also, Morse code is a more secure communication method. Not many people know this code today, so you don’t need to worry as much about someone intercepting your message.

It’s a very versatile skill to have, and it can keep your brain in shape by making you think on the fly. Many people think it’s fun for this reason.

Lastly, you’ll learn more about our communication history, which can help you better understand modern forms of communication.

Morse Code Tools

Preppers have used Morse code to transmit messages through the radio, flashlights, and even tapping to organize and get help in emergencies.

Knowing how to interpret it could save your life someday, but you’ll need a way to send and receive messages. Here’s what you can do:

4 Tricks for Learning the Morse Code Alphabet Faster

Morse Code Alphabet: 4 Tricks for Learning it Quickly

Morse code can seem intimidating at first, but don’t worry. It’ll come to you quickly. There are several tricks preppers have used for years to memorize it efficiently and accurately.

These tricks will help you learn the Morse code letters as fast as possible.

1. Use Mnemonics

One of the best ways to learn Morse code is through mnemonics. This strategy can work for all types of learners because it helps you recall the letters quickly.

It lets you associate the letters with different sounds or words so that you can identify them in messages.

Start by breaking words down into syllables, then pair them with different Morse code letters. A good example is using “apple” for the letter “A.” Let’s look at the syllable breakdown:

  • Apple = “ap-ple” = .- (dot dash)

Another great example would be using “eat” for the Morse code letter “E” because it only has one syllable.

  • Eat = “eat” = . (dot)

There are plenty more Morse code mnemonics that you can memorize.

2. Listen More Than Write

It’s tempting to practice Morse code by writing. This strategy can work, but you should listen more than you write to learn it quickly.

Morse code is an audible communication form. So, you want to practice recognizing and recreating the sound patterns. The more familiar you are with the sounds, the easier it is to “hear” and understand the message with little effort.

You can practice by listening to the Morse code alphabet online. Try tapping or speaking along with the video to help you learn faster. You can slow down YouTube videos and then return them to regular speed as you get more comfortable.

3. Learn With Other Preppers

Learning with a loved one is perfect. You’ll feel more motivated and have someone to send messages to. Plus, you’ll know they can reach you in an emergency, no matter the situation outside.

You both must practice sending and receiving codes. That way, you can build your listening and decoding skills at the same rate.

Next, you can provide each other with constructive feedback. You should discuss how well you both stay in rhythm and whether you catch any spelling mistakes.

The feedback can help you learn better. You’ll also be less likely to form bad habits and make the same mistakes multiple times.

4. Try Free Online Tools and Apps

You should make use of the free tools available to you. You can check out online videos, borrow audiobooks from your local library, and download apps.

Google even offers a free Morse code trainer that you can use on your smart device.

These free resources are available to everyone with an internet connection. So, you can learn Morse code no matter your finances. It makes this code accessible to more people.

Using free tools also lets you learn at your own pace. If you took a class, you’d have to keep up with everyone else. You’re more likely to retain the alphabet if you memorize it at a more comfortable speed. Plus, you can learn from the comfort of your home.


How long does it take to master Morse code?

Most people learn the Morse code alphabet in a matter of months. The more you practice, the faster you’ll memorize. However, you don’t want to burn yourself out on it. Most people recommend 20 to 30 minutes a day to practice at most.

Is learning Morse code difficult?

It’s not challenging to learn Morse code. Once you have memorized the alphabet, you can quickly send messages because you can already spell in English. The hardest part is committing your time to practicing it consistently.

Wrap Up

In short, preppers should learn the Morse code alphabet.

Knowing it allows you to secretly and reliably communicate with others in emergencies.

Using these four tricks will help you memorize it as quickly as possible.

morse code alphabet