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10 Foods You Can Store For 100 Years

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In survival situations, food is as important as water, fire, and shelter. You should make it one of your top priorities.

Some food products last few hours, others a few days or a few weeks or a few months. But there are some food products which can be stored indefinitely! Survival and prepping are all about making the right choices. Here we will share with you how to make the correct choice about the food items.

Honey is known for its health benefits. It can cure a lot of diseases and can be used on wounds and injuries too. But the best thing about honey from a prepper’s perspective is that it can stay fresh for centuries. Sometimes it crystallizes, but if you place the honey jar in warm water, the crystals dissolve.

Another food that is ideal for a survivalist or prepper is rice. Rice has been found preserved in ancient Egyptians tombs (honey, too!). White rice is a better option as compared to brown rice. Vanilla extract is another food item that will stay fresh and flavorful forever. It is made from Vanilla beans and can also be used for treating burns and wounds.

10 Foods You Can Store For 100 Years