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10 Common Cheap Foods with Very Long Shelf Lives

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The human body can only go so long without food. As a matter of fact, after about 3 days, you’ll begin to degrade in health quality without any food in your system.

But since the grocery stores will be cleaned out during a crisis, it will be up to you to stock up. Stocking up on just any food isn’t a good strategy.

Specifically, you want to stock up on foods that have a long shelf life. That way, you can have an indefinite food supply in your bunker or home.

One of the first options to consider is MREs. What I like about MREs is that you can buy them in bulk. Since the military uses them, you can rest assured that they are perfect for any situation.

Another quality option is dehydrated foods. Dehydrated foods are any food that has had its moisture content removed.

By removing moisture from food, you increase its lifespan by making it less hospitable to microorganisms (bacteria have a difficult time thriving in these conditions). Dehydrating food is super easy to do once you have the right equipment.

Finally, consider investing in canned foods as well. They’re very cheap and also have very long shelf lives.