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12 Yummy Meal in a Jar Recipes

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I got to thinking about the dry food I have stockpiled and how I could utilize some of that to save money. I searched high and low for a great meal in a jar recipes my family and I would actually look forward to eating! What better way to prepare for a disaster than having ready-made, delicious food in your stockpile?

Meal in a Jar Recipes

There aren’t many out there, but these 12 recipes will blow your mind and taste buds. The collection of ingredients will allow you to eat all sorts of meals. You can count on these meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The great thing about these recipes is they’re all dehydrated or pasta type foods that once properly sealed should last up to 2 or 3 years. If not longer if stored in the correct setting.

There is nothing more assuring than having a stockpile of these great meals. While this can be a tremendous way to save money and time in your daily life, it’s also great for disaster. When a serious storm strikes and the power goes out, you are going to have the luxury of simply eating a warm meal.

Be sure that you have a simple jetboil or camping stove that can be used to boil water.  If you can boil water you will be in business. Don’t be terrified of disasters. You can manage the meals and eat well with the lights out.

All you need to do is boil it in water and you have a meal. These are great for short term storage and an easy “don’t know what to cook” dinner for the family.

I would always recommend making at least a month’s supply of these meal in a jar recipes. If only for the plain fact they are easy to make and store and you can always use them for camping trips too.