Delicious Camping Food Ideas and Recipes For Your Next Trip

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If you find yourself off the grid, either by choice or by circumstance, you’ll need to cook meals without the usual conveniences found in the home. The easiest solution can be to open a can and heat something over a fire. But that can get old when you have a family to feed. Today I’ll share with some quick and easy camping food ideas and recipes that can break up the monotony of low-tech cooking.

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Favorite Camping Recipes Books

It’s a good idea to dream about and plan your camping meals. Try them at home, in the backyard first, so when you’re out there, you can enjoy your camping trip. And if you’re in a SHTF situation, you’ll already have experience. Here are a few camping recipe cookbooks to get you started.

Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking (Campfire Cookbook) (Volume 1)Foil Packet Cooking Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking (Campfire Cookbook) (Volume 1)Camping Cookbook: Dutch Oven Cast Iron Recipes (Volume 3)Dutch Oven Cast Iron Recipes Camping Cookbook: Dutch Oven Cast Iron Recipes (Volume 3)Camping Cookbook: Campfire Grilling Recipes (Volume 1)Campfire Grilling RecipesCamping Cookbook: Campfire Grilling Recipes (Volume 1)

Easy Camping Food Ideas And Recipes For Your Next Trip

Make camping more enjoyable by preparing absolutely delicious camping food that's quick and easy.

If you are a lone wolf or have a limited budget and a solar oven is too expensive or too bulky for a bug out, then I have a simple small solution that’s easy to make and easy to carry. THE SOLAR COOKING JAR.

This is so easy to make a child could do it…. Cooks well and cooks a meal for 1 quick! I have used mine so many times I think of this as the norm when I go camping.

Seems silly or far fetched but this actually works and works well. If you have time and the resources to do it, I would recommend trying different recipes in the jar so you know what else it can cook.

Split Pea Soup Recipe:

1 c. split
½ c. diced potatoes
2 T. small cut up onion (1 T. dry)
1 bullion cube (1 t. powder)
2 dashes of pepper

Put peas, potatoes, onion and bullion in your black painted jar. Fill jar with water to 1-inch below the neckline of the jar. Screw on lid and ring. (Oil the rubber seal of the lid so it doesn’t seal!) It cooks up in about 4 hours, but time will vary with conditions and solar ovens. Watch the soup for a smooth consistency. Enjoy!

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Good food can make all the difference in this world. Its the reason we still go home to momma and the reason we stay up watching cooking shows. The right meal at the right time is so full of power.

Now, you might think that these camping food ideas and recipes are here for a good time and you would be partially right. Learning how to cook over an open fire is something of an art. Like all other cooking.

Still, when the world tips over and you are left to survive these great recipes could be what pushes your group through the next 20 miles.

No one can deny that a good meal boosts morale. In survival, you need a continuous boost of morale. You need it over and over again. The beauty of the survivor is that one can be strung along by good food and hope when all else fails

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Life can get hectic sometimes: God knows mine does. When I have a busy week or my wife can’t be bothered to cook, especially on a hot day, we always have some of these “ready to go meals” on hand.

You can make these instant meals and take them to work for your lunch, camping to save on lugging all your cooking equipment around or just have them stockpiled at home for those “can’t-be-arsed” days.

All of these recipes can obviously be altered so you can make them to your taste but best of all these meals only contain dry ingredients so these can be stored for years.

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Make bread in a can when camping or bug out situations for quick and easy calories that actually taste yummy.

You are probably thinking “bread in a can?” I was too until I read this wonderful article below, It shows us how we can take advantage of used cans small or large like #10 cans and make bread. I would even suffice to say we could even bake these on a fire.

The article below shows us how to make banana bread in a can too, so its a 2 in 1 recipe. Maybe if SHTF and the power goes out this could be one of the only way you could make bread. It's worth taking a look at and giving it a go. The shape alone would make your friends go “how the hell did you do that?”

If you liked this post, maybe you will like some of our others, you can check some related articles below or search via categories on the right, be warned, you will be on here for hours. Enjoy 🙂

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This skillet campfire bread recipe will make you the envy of the campsite this season.

I love camping and I love cooking… I started looking for some great camping recipes and was instantly drawn to this recipe. Bread makes you feel good. It’s filling and just yummy when it’s homemade.

This recipe could be used in an emergency situation too. One Perfect Bite calls this the kitchen sink bread, as everything but the kitchen sink can be added to make this… great to finish off your camping food and a yummy treat to have with your main meal. Get the recipe and know how in the link below 🙂

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As many campers say “everything tastes better when it’s cooked over a campfire” I have to agree. I have always preferred the taste of campfire food, I think that’s why I go camping so much!

Camping season for me can go all the way into November. I love the crisp nights and 60 degree days! This kind of weather makes me want to cook better food when camping because it’s not so stinking hot! These foil-wrapped camping food ideas and recipes make cleaning up so much easier!

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As with most great things, there is a bit of planning required with these recipes as they each have a few ingredients.

However, these recipes were created specifically for campers who don’t have a lot of storage space, so just a few food staples should do.

A bit of planning sure is a lot better than back-to-back boring meals! The list includes recipes for every meal: from breakfast burritos to grilled pizza, so all meals for the day can be mapped out! I can’t wait to try these out!

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When you go camping, do you always cook the same old recipes? I know when my wife and I go, we always do and I’ll be honest (don’t tell her): I am getting quite bored of the food we eat while camping.

So as we have our camping trip in a few weeks I wanted to see if I could find some new recipes. I did just that. I found a cool article with 27 new camping recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, supper and deserts.

My favorite out of the whole list is good ol’ #1 – Breakfast Burger Biscuits. You just can’t go wrong with burger biscuits in the morning!

My preference is to add a thin slice of American cheese on top. The campfire smoke adds just a hint of flavor you can only get cooking over an open fire. 

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Do you want to make one of my favorite camping meals? They are called onion bombs and they will fill you up, keep you full and enable you to have a clean camping site due to the no
clean up.

I make these in advance and keep them in a cooler until we need to eat. You cook these in aluminum foil straight on the fire. This is great because you don’t have to lug around heavy skillets.

I promise that once you try these you will want to make them every time you go camping.

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I love camping and I love eclairs. I love how yummy, creamy and delicious they are. So, why not combine two wonderful things and make some campfire eclairs next time you go camping?

They are super easy to make and only need a few ingredients (chocolate frosting & pudding, or whatever else you fancy!).

When I was younger I hated camping: it was smelly, boring and just not my thing. But if you introduce fun things to do while camping, your kids are more likely to associate good memories with camping. These eclairs certainly will do that 🙂

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Looking for some tasty food during some of my wilderness trips, I dug up an article for making dehydrated soup cubes. It’s a neat way to preserve food and doesn’t take much room in your backpack. This is a great idea!

Being able drink some tasty, hot organic soup after a long day exploring the outdoors induces a wonderful comforting feeling. These recipes can be made using wild edible herbs such as nettles, dandelion leaf, or dried kale.

Perfect for those times when you're bugging out or stranded somewhere. If you're out of food, but could boil water, you'll have energy until you could find something more substantial.

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Some day you'll be cam,ping out of necessity, and not for fun. When SHTF you need protein to stay alive. Rabbits, hares and squirrels will be abundant and pretty easy to catch. Remember, there will be no supermarkets, Walmart and the like will be gutted in 3 days. This will be a way of life so print this info off. You may just need it one day!

You can check out this article on how to field dress a squirrel, it will really come in handy. Also, you can get some fairly inexpensive rabbit and squirrel traps here, they will definitely come in handy if SHTF.

This handy article will also teach the basics on how to cut up rabbit and squirrel and, more importantly, how to prepare Southern Fried Rabbit.

Ok, granted, if SHTF you probably won’t have the ingredients to try this recipe, but in the meantime you can give it a shot, it’s excellent.

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How To Cook With A Thermos & A Few Recipes

I never knew you could cook with a thermos. I found a great thermos cooking website that shows us how and gives us some great recipes. This information could be a great survival tool and a great frugal way to cook. I think this would be a great way to cook if you were camping and definitely a great backup way to cook if SHTF.

It’s Efficient – A thermos is the most fuel-efficient way to cook. Period. It’s Easy – You don’t have to stand over the stove stirring food all day. It’s Healthy – Cook healthy whole grains without the time and trouble.

Check out the video below: cooking beef and rice in a thermos. If you like it please share with your friends, I have been prepping for years and have only just realized you could cook this way.

I hope my list of camping food ideas was helpful and got you excited about trying some new camping recipes on your next outdoor trip.

Here are some delicious camping food ideas and recipes you should try next time you're on a camping adventure. #camping #campingfood #campingrecipes #campingideas #shtf #prepredness #survival

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