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13 Car Hacks To Get You Through The Winter

13 Car Hacks To Get You Through The Winter

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Winter weather is challenging enough without taking vehicles into consideration.  Snow fall or an ice storm can make it difficult to even get on the road, let alone drive on them. 

One Crazy House has a list of tips for winterizing a vehicle and what to do in the event that a storm does hit your area.  While there isn’t much that can we do about snowed or iced-over roads, there are a few things we can do to make it easier to access our vehicles.

From de-icing in a pinch to getting traction on slippery roads, this is a great list of tips to learn for when the time comes.  It sure is frustrating when you can’t even get to your ice scraper because your locks are frozen.  Speaking of frozen locks, my favorite tip is to use hand sanitizer in them!  This list is full of handy tips like this one.

13 Car Hacks To Get You Through The Winter

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