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13 Trees You SHOULD Start Growing in Your Yard and Why

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I shared a great article a few months ago about what trees NOT to grow in your yard and I actually have had a lot of positive responses from people who have thanked me for the info as they were going to plant some of the trees on the list.

13 Trees You SHOULD Start Growing In Your Yard And Why

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I did some more digging (no pun intended) and actually found a really cool article on 13 trees you SHOULD plant in your yard! I know there are more than 13 trees you could plant but these trees are known for their carbon-storing abilities plus other benefits for the environment. Check them out and maybe plant some too.

13 Trees You SHOULD Start Growing In Your Yard And Why

13 Trees You Should Consider NOT Planting In Your Yard — I am so happy I read this article. I say that because I need to plant trees to create privacy and a little shade. I was thinking about planting Leyland Cypress trees around my property but what I didn't realize is if you don't keep them trimmed they can die and become very messy to clean up.

Bonus: How To Grow a Backyard Supermarket

Having a backyard supermarket will allow you to grow pork and beef, chicken, organic eggs, non-GMO fresh fruits and veggies, including all the essential components you need to make your food staples, desserts, and even drinks.

If you are willing to put in a little elbow grease, this isn't too good to be true. The good news is that some of this can be automated.

Our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers did this every single day. It's called "homesteading", and it can help you save money on food, furniture, tools, clothes, and much more!

This is as self-sufficient as it gets. Watch this eye-opening video to learn more:

Grow a Supermarket in Your Back Yard

Homesteading will take you back to the roots of your ancestors. It's not only a healthy, stress-reducing pursuit, it's a lifestyle.

Homesteading for Preppers

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