15 Unconventional Uses for Honey

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15 Unconventional Uses for Honey You Probably Didn’t Know About

15 Unconventional Uses for Honey You Probably Didn't Know About

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Ah, Honey… food for kings. I love honey and so have every nation, every era and every man and woman on earth since time began! Honey is mostly used to put on things like toast or cereal but did you know that Honey goes much deeper than a yummy taste.

Over at┬álifehackery.com they have a great list of 15 unconventional uses for this wonderful product. My favorite was, honey contains a lot of hydrogen peroxide and that if you put honey on a wound it will heal it quicker…… I mean I knew that, but I didn’t know the science behind it. Check out all of the uses below…

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15 Unconventional Uses for Honey

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