25 Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning On, Or Turning Up The Heat

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25 Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning On, Or Turning Up The Heat


If there’s one survival situation that most of us want to avoid, that would be sitting in the cold without any heat. This is one of those moments when the survival instincts are really kicking in, but you have to be prepared. Having some SHTF preparation can really pay off in this regard, and with that in mind it’s a very good idea to learn how to stay warm even during those moments where the thermometer is well below 0 degrees.

While most of us are accustomed to the comfort brought by warm temperatures, learning how to deal with cold is mandatory as this is a survival situation that you can encounter quite often all around the world. Knowing how to survive this can actually save your life, so it really is a necessity.

You can use some DIY methods in order to stay warm, it doesn’t really require a lot of preparation from your side. Sure, gathering wood and starting a fire can help, but with no first aid kit to be had the situation can really go haywire and become a disaster.

From being trapped within your home and having to confront very low temperatures to enduring these in the open regions, such situations can really lead to either life or death, so you have to understand how to stay warm on your own. You can’t learn this on the spot, instead you have to be prepared as that’s how you can endure any survival situation.

If you put your mind to good use, you will see that you can easily stay warm without having to turn up the heat. Be creative and prepared at all times, as the results can be amazing!

25 Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning On, Or Turning Up The Heat

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