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3 Less Than Lethal Weapons for Self Defense

3 Less Than Lethal Weapons for Self Defense

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The best place to start this conversation is on the subject of lethality. The truth about violence between individuals is that no one really knows how it will play out.

The best place to start this conversation is on the subject of lethality.

While it might seem like using “less than lethal” weapons is better than using lethal options, we need to remember that a fist can be a lethal weapon.

Avoiding violent altercations in the first place should always be our greatest self-defense tool. Of course, sometimes its unavoidable and in that instance we have to do something to protect ourselves. Its important to understand that your less than lethal weapon could prove to be lethal in a violent altercation. It really comes down to intentions.

We are going to look at three great options for less than lethal weapons for self-defense. First, lets talk about how to best utilize a less than lethal self defense method. Its very simple. You are looking to quickly incapacitate and escape. Period. These tools are designed to temporarily stop an attacker so you can get away.


While there are many derivations of this stuff, as long as you have the ability to hit someone in the eyes, nose and throat with powerful pepper spray you can stop them dead in their tracks or at least hinder their movement enough that you will be able to get away.

Stun Gun

Another option that seems to be exploding with innovation, as of late, the stun gun is a great LTL. Electric shock is a powerful method of stopping attackers. The police count on their tasers which work on a similar principle, all the time.

Extendable Baton

This weapon can be lethal depending on how you use it but a baton to the attacker’s knee cap is going to give you time to get to safety. The batons are great because they pack up small and pack a serious punch!

The best place to start this conversation is on the subject of lethality.

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