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How To Escape Zip Ties: 3 Proven Methods

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If you want to dig into a scary thought, think about being zip-tied against your will and held by some bad people. Do you know how to escape zip ties if the worst happens?

a man's hands zip tied behind his back

This could happen in a SHTF scenario or not! It can happen by taking the wrong turn in life. We all have to be very careful and consider the threats that exist.

Here are three methods to escape zip ties.

Lift the Locking Bars

Interestingly enough, all the power and efficacy of zip ties lie in the small piece of plastic called a locking bar. This little piece of plastic is all that stands between you and freedom. 

You can use a number of things to get underneath this locking bar that clicks each notch on the zip tie. You can use a strong fingernail, a credit card, a flat edge of anything hard.

Once that bar is bent, you just pull the zip ties loose.

Tighten and Break 

The most popular method to escape zip ties is to tighten and break them using force multiplication.

You can do this using the method where you tighten the ties as much as possible, raise your arms over your head and thrust your pelvis into the zip tie as you bring your arms down.

Be careful not to hit yourself in the groin or that is going to put you out of commission.

Kevlar Laces 

You could also sport some Kevlar laces in your shoes and you can use these like a saw that can easily cut through these zip ties if you can make them taut and saw them back and forth. This is a very useful little tool to have around. 

A great place to anchor those laces is to tie two loops in them and attach them to the top of your shoes. Then you have a nice taut line to quickly saw through the restraints.

3 Ways To Escape Zip Ties - life tip