30 Uses For Old Socks

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30 Uses For Old Socks Around The Homestead

30 Uses For Old Socks

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You read it right, 30 uses for old socks! Well, how do I begin. Socks are one of the most thrown away clothing items a human owns. They get ripped, torn, moth bitten, you name it, it happens to socks!

What you normally would do is throw them away right? Wrong! You are throwing money down the drain when you throw socks away. I have been throwing away my socks ever since I can remember, it just makes sense.

After reading the article in the link below from carriegoff.hubpages.com I will now try and find some awesome projects to up-cycle my old socks into. I am sure there are far more projects out there but these 30 will get you on your way to sock recycling.

My favorite out of the 30 is #13 Heat Pack: Fill a sock with rice and tie the end. I feel so stupid that I never thought about using socks before. I often buy heat packs from Walgreen’s for about 10 bucks but this little sock hack will save me at least 30 bucks over the year. 

30 Uses For Old Socks

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