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The 4 Golden Rules of Cast-Iron Cooking

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There is a reason why people of the past used cast iron cookware. You see, there were no Walmarts out there or Amazon deliveries. That said, you have to understand how important it was to upkeep that cookware. 

When you get out of the “Trash It” mindset you get back to taking care of things. 

We are going to explore the 4 rules for taking care of cast iron cookware.

Don’t Wash Cast Iron Cookware 

The first thing you need to understand is that you do not treat cast iron the same way you do Teflon coated pans. 

Cast iron cookware is much more about seasoning and storing properly. It’s very different and you have to become versed in how to handle these things properly. 

Clean Properly 

The best method for cleaning cast iron is by boiling water inside the pan to heat up and move around the stuck on grease and grime.  If the water and wipe method doesn’t work you can use a handful of coarse salt and some oils to rub the inside of the pan and it will remove anything that’s left. 

Reseason After Use 

Seasoning is a very important part of the puzzle. Seasoning is basically adding oil to the pan and rubbing it into the pores of the iron to store it. This protects the metal from rusting. 

Treat with Care 

Finally, you need to look at your cast iron cookware as a long term investment. You care for these pieces and you handle them with care. It’s important to do this. It’s counterintuitive to the fact that you get rid of everything else after a week! 

Respect your cookware. It is how you make food for your family each night. That’s a big deal. Don’t underestimate it because you might not have access to those Teflon coated plans one day.