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A Minimalist Tactical Wallet for Preppers

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The world of EDC is ever expanding. It has become as practical as it has become fashionable. Of course, you have to beware of that. The EDC is a very effective method for taking basic preparedness on the road with you. You see, we lose a lot when we leave our home. Most of what we have prepared for comes from the preps we keep at home.

During the day we can keep only a minor bit of that on our person. Even with the use of an EDC backpack, we are very limited in what we can carry each day. It will always pale in comparison to what we have in our home.

Because of these limitations, it’s important to maximize the efficiency of what we carry. In earnest, it’s the best we can do until we get home to our preps.

Many companies have been putting out minimalist tactical wallets but there is one that really deserves your attention. It’s called the Dango Tactical Wallet. The tactical EDC wallet by Dango is just as dapper as it is effective. This wallet comes with a multitool slipped into the wallet and also a small bit of paracord.

It’s not going to save your life on its own. Nor is it a survival kit. However, it is a piece of your EDC that really sets the tone for the lifestyle that you are leading. So much of what we do is about how we live our lives from day to day.

A minimalist tactical wallet is also a lifestyle choice. You are not going to be able to keep all of the things you normally keep in your wallet, like lots of cash and credit cards, business cards and the like. However, you will find that you can carry all you need.

Check out the Dango Tactical Wallet if you are in the market for a new EDC tool.