“A Revolution in America is Inevitable”

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A Russian businessman named Viktor Bout was is being jailed in America on charges of conspiracy. This is a very interesting guy. This Viktor Bout. Despite laying out a detailed reason for his incarceration, he also gave a very interesting quote about the coming collapse of America.

While we all know that something just doesn't feel right, its interesting to hear it from the outside looking in.

While we all know that something just doesn’t feel right, its interesting to hear it from the outside looking in. It just feels right to have Americans talking about how “bad” it is in this nation. Its like a bunch of unhappy employees getting together over a smoke.

When an outsider tells us, “a revolution is coming,” it raises some hairs. That is just what Viktor Bout proclaimed. Its a frightening but not surprising quote:

This country is at the doorstep of great changes, and, in my opinion, a revolution, which is virtually inevitable,” Bout added according to RT.  Many out there are ready for the civil war: on the two sides, armed to the teeth and only waiting for the moment when someone starts to spill blood,” Bout added.

How do you feel about the coming civil war?

While none of us could understand or describe what exactly could happen in this nation, its clear that the DHS, CDC, American and now world business leaders understand the threat. Do you understand the threat?

The timeline is unknown but there are some things that we do know. The prosperity we are experiencing right now cannot last forever. There is no way we can keep going at this pace. That said, its time to get your hands on the affordable prepping gear you need.

Don’t wait until Viktor’s foreshadowing becomes a reality. We have the money, the supplies and the time to get prepared now. If we wait, who knows what might come of us? Lets get ourselves ready for the future.

While we all know that something just doesn't feel right, its interesting to hear it from the outside looking in.

Bonus: How to Make Pemmican, the Original Survival Food

Invented by the natives of North America pemmican was used by Indian scouts as well as early western explorers.

Native Americans spent a great deal of time on the go and depended on having portable, high-energy, highly nutritious, and filling foods that would last for long periods of time without refrigeration.

Pemmican is a portable, long-lasting, high-energy food. It's made of lean, dried meat that's crushed into powder and mixed with hot, rendered fat. This makes it one of the ultimate foods to have stockpiled for when SHTF or disaster strikes.

Learn How to Make Pemmican

How To Make Pemmican: The Original Survival Food - If you're living through a disaster where you're on your feet a lot and don't have time to cook, one of the best foods you can eat is pemmican. It's packed full of fat and protein and can give you lots of steady energy throughout the day.

People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks 150 years ago did it.

These guys were the last generation to practice basic things, for a living, that we call "survival skills" now.

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