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A Well Prepared Vehicle

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Preparedness is something that expands far beyond your home. For many beginners, it can feel like prepping for the home is enough to drive them insane.

Before long you will start to get a handle on these things and you will begin to understand that you need to not only prep your home but live a ready lifestyle at all times.

This ready lifestyle is very important and it extends all the way to the workplace. Well, most of us use a car to get to that workplace, so this is another important part of prepping. How do you prep your vehicle? What do you put inside to assure you are prepared for the many things that could come.

One of the best answers is the get home bag. Now, this bag is not as much about vehicle preparedness as it is about preparedness in the vehicle. Get it?

There are some stone-cold preps that you should have in your car to leverage the skills and knowledge you already have. Let’s talk about a good looking car kit for emergencies.

Emergency Car Kit

These can be purchased already put together. Do that. You aren’t gonna break the mold very much if you build your own and it’s going to cost you more.

You can get a decent kit for just over $30 and be mostly set. Be sure you can fix flats, jump a car and deal with other small car related issues.

If your needs require a more DIY approach, then building your own car survival kit may be the answer for your family.

If you are driving a modern car you know that you only have so much ability to repair them.

Survival Essentials

The ability to communicate, water, food, and first aid should also always be in your vehicle.

Also, backup power is another great thing to have.

Winter Kit

In the winter, you also want to make sure you have a winter kit in your car. The cold weather can be deadly.

This winter kit is going to be made up of things like blankets, socks, lighters, candles, extra clothes, wiper fluid and of course an ice-scraper. Add to that what you’d like.