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Are your Prepared for an Extended Government Shutdown

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We are going deep into a government shutdown and it looks like this one could outlast all others in history. No matter where you fall on the issues of the shutdown, you have to be ready. You see there are three things that could change very drastically in our nation thanks to the extended government shutdown.

What should you prepare for if the government shutdown carries on into February?

Civil Unrest

When you have a population where 50% are receiving something from the government, you are not only doomed to a public that can vote for bread and circuses but you are also ruined when it comes to shutting the government down to get tough. Not only are you putting pressure on congress but you are choking half of the population in some way. That means trouble. It means serious civil unrest in the nation.

When the checks stop rolling in people are going to get upset. When bills come do, even more people are going to get upset and before long there will be riots in the streets.

The Growing Divide

These government shutdowns that are built around singular issues are one of the best ways to divide the nation. Be it Obamacare or the wall. People are polarized instantly by their position on the shutdown. Its a dangerous practice and it divides us more and more.

The Final Straw

No matter where you look you see a nation that is ready to pop. All sides are foaming at the mouth for violence. Its a very terrifying situation but the nation is a tinderbox. When you push people to the end of their limits you could start the fire that burns down the entire nation!

No one seems to be worried about all of this but it could be happening right before our very eyes. We could be living out the pages of future history books.