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Automating your Garden for Efficiency

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How you grow food will determine a large part of your daily chores if you are relying on that 100 percent. Will you be spending hours a day weeding, watering, and picking?

Everyone’s garden situation is different so it’s hard to know what exactly the day-to-day would look like. One thing is certain, there is room for automation in our gardens and it might be time to consider that.

How to Build a Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System - Watering even a small garden can be a chore, some of us just forget or literally have a hose ban stopping us from doing so in the height of summer. This awesome DIY project utilizes the use of rain gutters and 5 gallon buckets to help your garden grow.

Industrial growers depend on things like irrigation systems that are automated and highly efficient machines to help them get more bang for their buck. It stands to reason that we should look to do the same, right? 

Automation in the Garden

There are a number of ways we can affect automation in the garden. We have several duties that make up our process. We have not figured out a small-scale planting and seeding hack that can be automated but we have answers for most other things. 


How about a self-watering gutter system for your plants? Yea, that would be a very effective way to take advantage of rainwater and it doesn’t even require a motor! 

This simple build uses gutters, 2X4s, and some small attachments.

[YouTube Video -qC4JFu-Oyw]



You can cover weeds to prevent growth or you can use other methods like weed cloth or mulching but I think this type of automation should become a chore for your kids.

Put those kids to work as your personal weeders! 

Pest Control

Automated pest control is pretty simple, too! You start to employ traps. Killing traps that both eliminate the pests like rabbits and squirrels but also bring dinner home!

The 220 conibear is a great option for predators of this size. A deadfall could be effective, as well. 

Just make sure you get your traps out before your weeders get to work!