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Best Paracords On Market: Our Reviews and Comparisons

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All the best preppers will know that paracord is an essential item to keep in any of your emergency kits.

Paracord has versatile uses for survival purposes and can be used in camping, hiking, setting up structures, and impromptu hunting tools.

Paracord can be used beyond survival purposes for crafting and even fashion; it can be a fun activity for all ages.

For a comprehensive list of uses, check out our post on 80 uses for paracord. There are 4 main types of paracord.

The most common type of paracord is a type III paracord, also known as a 550 cord, because it can hold up to 550 lb. of weight.

Made up of 7 inner strands and a 32-strand sheath, it has a 4mm (5/32″) diameter. The next commonly used paracord is a type IV paracord with 11 inner strands and 750lb tensile strength.

The other types I and II are not as common, as they have less tensile strength and are not of as much interest to preppers as they do not have the durability for many outdoor survival applications.

Knowing which card is best for you can be overwhelming with all the options out there.

We have put together our comprehensive list of paracords for 2022 to give you all the best paracord options in one place.

Our Best Paracords Reviews and Comparisons

1. TECEUM Paracord Type III

TECEUM Paracord Type III
97 Reviews
TECEUM Paracord Type III
  • PARACORD 550: Paracord Type III (550 lb) has a 100% nylon...

Product Highlights

With over 40 color options, this paracord can be used for anything from fashion to survival.

Type III, 550-pound, 100% nylon military-spec paracord that comes in various lengths, including 50, 100, 200, and 1000 feet.

Made in Europe according to Mil-Spec C-5040H, this paracord is strong and durable.


  • Type III, 550 lb., 32-strand sheath, 7 inner cords and 3 nylon fibres. A diameter of 5/32-inches (4mm).
  • Made in Europe and according to Mil-Spec C-5040H
  • Strond, durable and high quality. Suitable in to use in all weather conditions
  • Available in over 40 colours and 4 different lengths, 50,100,200 and 1000tf.

What We Like About TECEUM Paracord Type III 550 lb

With the versatile colour and length range, you will be able to find the paracord to suit your needs.

This paracord is made according to military specifications and is strong and durable.

It is multipurpose and can be used for emergency situations all the way to crafting accessories. It is made to withstand a range of weather conditions and is both UV and fade resistant.

What We Don’t Like About TECEUM Paracord Type III 550 lb

The storage or dispensing of the paracord is not ideal. The cardboard it comes wrapped on is not very convenient for storage purposes. .


  • Great colour and length variety available
  • Strong, high quality and durable military specification paracord
  • Multipurpose from survival to crafting uses
  • UV and fade resistant


  • Storage or dispensing of paracord not functional
  • Have to remove cardboard inner to store effectively

2. TOUGH-GRID Paracord Nylon Type IV

TOUGH-GRID Paracord Nylon Type IV
18,661 Reviews
TOUGH-GRID Paracord Nylon Type IV
  • PREMIUM MIL-SPEC PARACORD: Certified MIL-C-5040H and...

Product Highlights

If your needs are more robust, you may need a type IV paracord. The TOUGH-GRID 750-lb Paracord is a great option with a tensile strength of 750lb and made according to MIl-C-5040-H specification.

With 22 colours and 6 different length options, there is the perfect paracord for any use you may have. This paracord is ideal for survival purposes, camping, hiking, bug out bags and sheltering in place.


  • Type IV paracord; 750lb tensile strength; made according to MIl-C-5040-H specification. Diameter measures 3/16 inch (plus or minus 1/32 inch): 100 percent nylon with11 inner triple strands
  • 22 colors are available
  • 6 length options are available. 50, 100, 150, 200, 500, and 1000 feet, all conveniently packaged
  • Made in USA and recommended by veterans

What We Like About TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord

The wide range of colours and lengths available means you will find the ideal paracord to suit all your needs. The storage and dispensing are made to be convenient to the length of the paracord.

The shorter lengths come coiled in bags and the longer lengths on spools so it is easier to store and dispense. The quality and strength of this type IV paracord overall are good.

The multipurpose use is great and it is ideal for survival purposes. It is made in the USA and recommended by veterans so it is a paracord you can trust.

What We Don’t Like About TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord

The packaging does not always come as advertised and often incorrect length are delivered. The outside of the cord is on the softer side, which makes knots not as strong as with a tougher-feeling paracord


  • Wide colour and length range
  • Strong and durable typeIV paracord made according to military specification.
  • Made in the USA and recommended by veterans
  • Convenient dispensing and storage for appropriate length of paracord
  • Versatile uses, great for preppers


  • Softer outside cord is not as robust with knots as rougher paracord
  • Packaging is not as advertised
  • Incorrect length delivered compared to what was ordered

3. BENGKU Outdoor Mil-SPEC Paracord

BENGKU Outdoor Mil-SPEC Paracord
3,805 Reviews
BENGKU Outdoor Mil-SPEC Paracord
  • ★ Paracord is often called 550 paracord, paracord 550, 550...
  • ★ The paracord of diameter is 5/32” (about 4mm), with a...
  • ★ Great for camping and hiking use.

Product Highlights

Coming in 4 different length options and 23 colour options, this multipurpose paracord will be a great addition to any bug-out bag.

With a variety of uses, from dog rope, rigging for a tent, and winding handles to hanging clothes,. This paracord is made according to the MIl-C-5040-H grade and is classified as a 500-lb paracord.


  • This nylon paracord has a diameter of 5/32” (about 4mm) with a 7-strand inner core.
  • It comes in 23 colours to suit all needs, from crafts to survival to fashion.
  • There are 4 length options: 25; 50; 100; and 500 feet.
  • This is 550-pound paracord and has an average breaking strength of 500 pounds.

What We Like About BENGKU Outdoor Mil-SPEC 550lb Paracord

This 500-pound paracord is strong and durable. With a 7-strand inner core, this paracord is robust and great for outdoor use.

With the colour variety, it will be great for all uses, from survival to fashion. The length options are great for multipurpose uses, with the shortest length of 25 feet for your more concentrated paracord needs.

What We Don’t Like About BENGKU Outdoor Mil-SPEC 550lb Paracord

We find this paracord to be rather stiff and as a result, it knots fairly easily. While this cord is military-spec, it is not military-grade.

Have a look at this article for some more detail on Military Grade Parachute Cord vs. 550 Paracord. This paracord also appears to be made in China so quality consistency can be an issue.


  • large selection of colours and lengths is available to suit all needs
  • Tested 500-pound breaking-strength paracord that is strong and robust
  • Shorter length for more concentrated paracord needs
  • Versatile uses range from fashion to survival


  • Paracord is very stiff
  • It knots easily
  • Not military grade and made in China

4. Balit Mil-Spec Paracord

Balit Mil-Spec Paracord
1,090 Reviews
Balit Mil-Spec Paracord
  • 10-Strand Core Tested to 650lb - Balit paracord is made of...
  • Nylon material - our paracord sheaths and filaments are made...
  • High Quality - UV resistance and fading resistance, long...

Product Highlights

Although this paracord is listed as a 550-pound paracord, it actually has a tensile strength of 650-pounds. It has a 10-strand core, making it a stronger paracord option ideal for outdoor use.

With a selection of 14 colours, you will be able to find the perfect one for you. Made with high-quality nylon, this paracord is both UV and fade-resistant for long time.


  • 650-pound tested tensile strength made with a 10-strand high-strength polyester inner core
  • Made with top-grade nylon, this paracord is both UV and fade-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use
  • With 4.1mm diameter, this paracord comes in one standard length of 100 feet and has 14 colour options
  • Assurance from seller of great customer service should any issues be encountered with the paracord

What We Like About Balit 550 Paracord

The extra tensile strength of this paracord of 650 lb. makes this a great strong option.

The 10 strands inner core made of high-quality nylon make this paracord great for outdoor use from camping, hiking, survival to general outdoor activities.

The paracord is UV and fades resistant giving it long service life. It is a convenient length and easy to add to a survival pack.

What We Don’t Like About Balit 550 Paracord

This paracord is overall one of the best we have seen and there is not much not to like about it.

The only real thing we can say is there is a lack of color options compared to other suppliers and there is only one length option so if you have a need for extra length this paracord would not be for you.


  • 650lb tensile strength with 10 strand inner core for extra strength
  • Made with high quality nylon
  • UV and fade resistant for all weather-conditions and a long life
  • Compact length and lightweight perfect for survival pack


  • 14 colour options is still minimal compared to other paracord options
  • Only 1 length available of 100ft

5. MONOBIN Paracord Combo Kit

MONOBIN Paracord Combo Kit
1,780 Reviews
MONOBIN Paracord Combo Kit
  • Upgrade Paracord Kit: This 36-color paracord kit has a...
  • Paracord Instruction: In order to help the beginner to get...
  • High-quality Paracord And Accessories: Type III 550lb...

Product Highlights

With 36 colours, each 10ft long this paracord kit gives you a total of 360ft of paracord. Along with the paracord, there are accessories and an accompanying book that give 4 detailed weaving techniques for paracord beginners.

For a great list of paracord projects, have a look at our article on 17 cool paracord projects. This is a high-quality type III paracord with versatile uses, including crafts activities and outdoor uses.


  • 36 colours of paracord. Each of the bundles is 10ft long
  • The kit includes accessories for most paracord projects and a book with 4 weaving techniques
  • Type III paracord with a diameter of 4mm and a 7-strand inner core
  • High-quality paracord that has multipurpose use from crafting to outdoor

What We Like About MONOBIN Paracord, 550 Paracord Combo Kit

The wide range of 36 colours ensures you can find the best one for any need you may have. With accompanying accessories and an instruction manual, this is a great kit for paracord beginners.

The paracord is of high quality and strength, being type III. It has versatile uses, from paracord craft projects like bracelets, lanyards and dog collars to outdoor uses like tent draw rope, strapping equipment and clotheslines.

What We Don’t Like About MONOBIN Paracord, 550 Paracord Combo Kit

This is more of a kit for a beginner so it may not be suitable for paracord pros. The short length of the paracord is more suitable for certain paracord projects and may not be suitable for all paracord needs.


  • 36 colour options gives you a variety of colour options for a range of paracord projects
  • Instruction manuals are great for beginners
  • High quality and strength, type III paracord
  • Multi-purpose uses, from paracord projects to outdoor use


  • This kit is more for beginners so it would not be suitable for professionals
  • short length may not suit all paracord needs

6. Amazon Basics Type III Paracord

Amazon Basics Type III Paracord
1,904 Reviews
Amazon Basics Type III Paracord
  • Versatile utility: works well for hiking, camping, and a...
  • Durable nylon: combines a 32 braided UV-resistant nylon...
  • Reliable: suitable for both wet and dry conditions; provides...

Product Highlights

An affordable single-color and single-length paracord will be a great addition to any survival kit. This 550-type III paracord is made with durable nylon, which is UV-resistant.

It handles a variety of conditions, including wet and dry ones. It has a natural resistance to oils, acids, and abrasions, making it a robust paracord. It is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.


  • Available in black, this paracord comes in one length of 100 feet by about 5/32 inch (4mm) in diameter.
  • With a 7-strand nylon core and 32-strand UV-resistant nylon sheath, this 550-pound paracord is durable.
  • Versatile uses, from survival tasks to DIY crafts.
  • It can be used in both wet and dry conditions and has a natural resistance to oils, acids, and abrasions.

What We Like About Amazon Basics 550 Type III Paracord

This is a great, affordable paracord option. It is small, lightweight and portable at 100 feet in length. It is reliable in a variety of conditions. The paracord is UV-resistant and made with durable nylon material. It is a type III paracord with versatile uses.

What We Don’t Like About Amazon Basics 550 Type III Paracord

This paracord is not ideal for emergency uses as the inner strands fray very easily. This would not be good for an emergency kit. The paracord is not reflective and will not float when placed in water.


  • Affordable paracord option
  • Durable UV-resistant nylon type III paracord
  • Versatile use in multiple conditions
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Weak inner strands make it unsuitable for emergency use
  • Not reflective
  • Won’t float in water

7. Hileyu Type III Paracord

Hileyu Type III Paracord
260 Reviews
Hileyu Type III Paracord
  • 【Paracord Bracelet Kit】 - Kit include 24 different...
  • 【Premium Quality Paracord】- Type III Commercial Grade...
  • 【24 Bright Colors】 - 24 Assorted Colors. Red, orange,...

Product Highlights

This paracord kit includes 24 colours. It comes in a lightweight, convenient 10-foot length, perfect for paracord projects. Premium-quality type III paracord with breaking strength of 550lbs.

Ideal for crafting and bracelets, the colour varieties will ensure you can make the item of your choice, including survival and emergency bracelets, outdoor strapping equipment, tent drawstrings, lifelines, luggage ropes, clotheslines, keychains, necklaces and much more.


  • 24 colour paracord kit ideal for crafting
  • Each paracord is 10 ft long making it lightweight and convenient to store whether it is in your tool or survival kit
  • High quality type III paracord of 4mm outside diameter with 7 inner strands surrounded by a nylon cover
  • Multipurpose paracord that can range from jewellery crafting to survival needs

What We Like About Hileyu Parachute Cord 24 Colors

The nice colour variety means you can find a colour to suit your needs. Ideal for crafting and paracord projects colours can be fused together to make a unique pattern.

High-quality type III paracord means that it can be used in versatile situations. Its size makes it lightweight and easily stored in any kit.

What We Don’t Like About Hileyu Parachute Cord 24 Colors

There is only one short length option for the paracords so if you have more diverse needs for a longer length this will not be suitable.

While the strength of the paracord is good it may not be ideal for all outdoor applications and more suited to crafting.


  • Large colour variety
  • Ideal for crafting needs and paracord projects
  • High quality type III paracord
  • Can be used in various applications and environments


  • One short length is restrictive on certain applications
  • More suited to craft and paracord projects than outdoor uses

8. WEREWOLVES Reflective 550 Paracord

WEREWOLVES Reflective Paracord
1,934 Reviews
WEREWOLVES Reflective Paracord
  • High quality: The reflective paracord with a diameter of 4mm...
  • Versatility: You can also use paracord to make handicrafts,...
  • WEREWOLVES reflective paracord is ideal for outdoor camping,...

Product Highlights

This is a great reflective paracord option. With 9 colour choices, 2 diameters and 2 lengths available you are sure to find the perfect paracord for your needs.

Conveniently stored on a spool, this paracord is easily dispensed. With versatile uses from crafting to outdoors.

This paracord is ideally used at night and outdoors with its reflective abilities. With the promise of high quality, it includes a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Reflective paracord that is illuminated by torchlight, lantern and even moonlight
  • 9 colour options stored conveniently on spools for easy dispensing
  • 2 length options of 100 and 200ft.
  • 2 diameter options of 4mm diameter with 7 inner strands with 550lbs of tensile strength and 1.8mm diameter with 3 inner strands and 176lbs of strength.

What We Like About WEREWOLVES Reflective 550 Paracord

The reflective ability of this paracord makes it unique and ideal to use outdoors especially for camping.

This paracord is reflective in a variety of lighting conditions. The variety of length, diameter and colour mean you will find the ideal paracord for your needs.

It is conveniently stored on a spool which makes it easy to dispense as well. The 100% money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind about the quality of the product.

What We Don’t Like About WEREWOLVES Reflective 550 Paracord

Often when the 4mm 550lb paracord is ordered the thinner less strong 1.8mm 176lb paracord was received. The reflective ability of the paracord is good overall but at certain angles the reflective capacity is not good.


  • Reflective paracord in most lighting conditions
  • Variety of colours length and diameter make this a versatile paracord
  • Spool storage is convenient and easy to dispense
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Reflective ability of paracord is only functional at certain angles
  • Receive incorrect paracord diameter and strength

9. US Ropes Atwood Paracord

US Ropes Tactical Cord
90 Reviews
US Ropes Tactical Cord
  • Lightweight and strong 3/32" Diameter (2.4mm)
  • 4 strand core with 275lbs Breaking Load
  • UV Resistant

Product Highlights

There are 44 colours to choose from with this paracord. They all come in one standard option of 100ft length.

UV resistant, high-quality paracord made in the USA. This paracord is lightweight and easily stored in any kit. It has multipurpose usage from general paracord projects to outdoor needs.


  • 3/32″ Diameter (2.4mm) paracord with 4 strand core and 275lbs breaking load
  • 44 colour choices all 100ft length
  • Made in the USA
  • UV resistant paracord

What We Like About US Ropes Atwood Paracord

The great variety of colours for all your paracord projects. Good length of 100ft which is convenient for most needs. Lightweight and easily stored. Good quality paracord made in the USA which is UV resistant.

What We Don’t Like About US Ropes Atwood Paracord

With only one length option available there may not be versatility for all your paracord needs. The strength is of a lower level with a 4 strand core it has just over half of the standard type III paracord weight load capacity at 275lb breaking load.


  • Great selection of colours
  • High quality paracord made in the USA
  • UV resistant
  • Lightweight and convenient to store


  • Only one length option
  • Weaker paracord with a 275lb capacity

10. WILLBOND Multifunction Paracord

WILLBOND Multifunction Paracord
355 Reviews
WILLBOND Multifunction Paracord
  • What you will get: 28 pieces of 550 standard paracord cords...
  • Quality material: the paracord rope is made of quality inner...
  • Multiple uses: this paracord is great for crafts like...

Product Highlights

This is a great paracord kit with 28 colours. This offers a great selection for all your paracord project needs.

This is a great kit, ideal for paracord crafts. It is a standard 550lb paracord in 10ft sections. It can be used in a number of settings for a variety of applications.


  • 4mm diameter, 7 strand inner polyester and outer nylon 550lb paracord
  • 28 colors available in the kit all 10ft in length
  • Multipurpose paracord that can be used in a variety of applications
  • Ideal for paracord crafts for various occasions and great for gifts

What We Like About WILLBOND 28 Colors 10 Feet Paracord Cord

A great paracord kit for beginners. The great variety of 28 colors is perfect for paracord crafts. The paracord has a number of uses and can be used for a variety of occasions. The 550lb cord is a standard paracord type suitable for most applications.

What We Don’t Like About WILLBOND 28 Colors 10 Feet Paracord Cord

The paracord lengths do not come as advertised and come up short. The quality of the cord is not great. It comes kinked and twisted with some snags. Quality control for the ends was also not consistent and certain ends needed to be reburned.


  • Great beginner paracord kit
  • A nice variety of 28 colours
  • 550lb paracord, the standard paracord used for majority of applications
  • A good option for paracord projects


  • Paracord lengths do not come as advertised
  • Poor quality and consistency

Final Verdict

Paracord is very versatile and a must for any preparedness enthusiast. Depending on your paracord needs, you will find a paracord to suit them on our list. Based on preference and exact usage, the paracord needs to match certain criteria.

For more craft and fashion-based paracord functions, you could easily use a paracord that is not as strong and durable and the variety of colors may be of more interest to you.

For survival or emergency purposes you would be more interested in a paracord that has a good quality, durable strength that can handle all the elements.

The versatility of paracord knows no end and the types of paracord available match up to the versatile uses. Many of the shorter length paracord kits that come in a large variety of colours are perfect for beginners and will be ideal for most paracord projects.

Paracord and its multipurpose uses are ideal for kids and adults alike and these options are sure to suit your needs.

Our best paracord for a prepper is the Balit 550 Paracord. This paracord, although listed as a 550lb paracord, actually has a 650lb tensile strength.

Instead of the usual 7 strand cord, this paracord has 10 inner polyester strands giving it extra strength and durability. It comes in the standard 100ft length which will suit most of your paracord needs.

With 14 colours you will be able to find the ideal one for your requirements. While it can be used for crafts and fashion paracord projects as with most other paracords, it is the best recommendation for survival and emergency purposes.

Made from top-quality nylon it makes sure this paracord is of a high standard and gives it long service life. It is UV and fades resistant so it is perfect to use in all conditions and ideal to be used outdoors because of its great quality and durability.

This is a high-quality durable paracord that will be a great addition to any survival kit.