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BugOutBunk was started in order to combine the perfect property in the perfect location with the public’s need for a place to go in the event of a widespread natural disaster, contagious pandemic, or political unrest.

Many individuals concerned with their own and their family’s welfare, in the seemingly unlikely event that a widespread negative natural, biological, nuclear, or political event , are looking for a place to go should they need to leave their homes. A strong real estate market has developed around such retreat or survival properties. Finding a remote property, outfitting it for long term survival, and maintaining it until such an event occurs is outside the realm of financial possibilities for most. Finding a remote parcel, with a home or cabin large enough and well-equipped  to support a single family long-term  could easily run into a couple hundred thousand dollars, plus several thousand dollars in property taxes and maintenance each year.

The BugOutBunk Compound is ideally situated in Western Montana, deep into the mountains and as far as can be from any metropolitan areas. In fact, it’s nearly a hundred miles drive to the nearest stoplight. The extensive existing infrastructure, protected water supply, backup generators,more than 40 buildings and ancillary support facilities can easily house 1000 would-be survivors. Several levels of post-apocalypse survival could be offered leveraging the existing campus. Ranging from the simple bunk in a dorm building, or a private sleeping room suitable to a typical family, or resort style duplex condominiums or even spacious dedicated family cabins.  There is also amply room for expansion on the 80 acre complex.

The property is located adjacent to vast forest lands running abundantly with wild game. there are millions of acres of forest land in the area with abundant elk, deer ,mountain goats and sheep, as well as small game. Squirrels, rabbits, pheasant, grouse and many other food  resources exist here in numbers found no where else in the lower 48 states. In fact many experts choose this area when recommending a survival property, for these very reasons.

In short, the BugOutBunk Compound is the ideal location and situation to be able to offer long-term survival after an apocalyptic event. Plus, it has the added benefit of community. By bringing many like-minded people together with a broad mixture of skills, BugOutBunk survivors can better, protect themselves, survive and even thrive, regardless of the state of the rest of the globe. The BugOutBunk Compound is ideally located and positioned to take advantage of the growing number of people who are preparing for the unknown.


This is a guest post by Stacy from BUGOUTBUNK Go check out the Facebook page HERE and the website to get more information on this HERE

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