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Build an A-Frame Cabin

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The small house movement has taken off; I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked how to build an A-frame cabin!

People are going crazy about these things. It’s about minimalism. For some, it could be a viable option for a bug out location as well.

What is the small home movement really about? It’s about flipping the paradigm on its head.

People are tired of this idea that they must wake up each day, leave their families, put on clothes they don’t like, go to a job they hate, and spend their whole life doing something they don’t want to do.

When you sit down and quantify it, you are facing a very sad existence. Our time is worth a lot. Have you ever given any thought to the value of your time and the fact that you are selling that time to your employer?

From self-sufficiency to quality of life, the simple home and simple lifestyle are very appealing. From a prepper’s point of view, you are freeing up lots of resources to divert towards prepping.

This is so important. Preppers are always faced with time constraints, financial constraints, and, of course, space constraints.

Even if you don’t have space on your side, freeing up time and money can take care of that problem.

It’s only when you are maxed out on all fronts that you truly struggle. Still, a simple home changes all of that because your biggest bill, your mortgage, is either substantially cut down or is gone altogether.

Consider your own evolution towards a simple suburban homesteading lifestyle or even a tiny home lifestyle. It could change everything.

How to Build an A-Frame Cabin

These instructions on how to build an A-frame cabin mean much more than just a place to hang out.

To some, it means there is a sea change in their life. To others, it means no more mortgage payments. These plans can also mean true freedom.

These instructions for this small A Frame mean much more than just a place to hang out. To some it means there is a sea change in their life.