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How to Build an Earthbag/Papercrete Home

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For those interested in green living or homesteading, the prospect of building a self-sufficient home doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. 

Kelly and Rosana Hart have used earthbags, papercrete, and a few other materials to create such a home that is not only beautiful, it is self-sufficient.  The build was a trial and error process for the Harts, which benefits us since the kinks are worked out!

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The walls were built out of earthbags filled with crushed volcanic rock, which were then coated with papercrete.  Supports where made out of lumber that can be locally sourced and the materials on the interior can be repurposed or salvaged. Solar power is used for the lights, appliances, and water heating while a wood burning stove is used for indoor heating.  My favorite part is the cost-this build was completed with less than $50,000.

How to Build an Earthbag/Papercrete Home