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Complete Bug Out Survival Guide



Nobody wants to think about a disaster happening to them, but the fact is the unexpected happens around the world every day. And one day, it could happen to you.

Would you be ready?

Your natural instinct is to protect your family and get them to safety. For many, their first thought is to hole up at home until the crisis passes. But let me ask you this…

What if your home is no longer a safe place?

Where would you go? How would you get there? And would you have the necessary tools and supplies to get out and get safe quickly?The Complete Bug Out Survival Guide Cover

The Complete Bug Out Survival Guide

Are you just starting your prepping journey? Want to be able to move your family to safety when the shit hits the fan but struggling to find reliable information on what to do or how to do it? Then The Complete Bug Out Survival Guide is for you!

Don’t worry or wonder if you have what you’d need in an emergency – with this guide you can KNOW. The Complete Bug Out Survival Guide has EVERYTHING from A to Z to get you ready to head out the door to your bug out location. Inside this guide, you’ll find all the tips, tricks, and information you’ll need to get your family out of Dodge and survive in an emergency situation.

Here’s a Peek of What’s Inside:

Bug Out Planning

Everything you need to know about creating a plan that will get you and your family to a predetermined safe location if disaster strikes.

Bags & Caches

A complete list of the best bags out there for bug out bags and caches, plus what to pack and how to pack it well.

Arrival & Security

All the top info on how to arrive at your bug out location safely without giving the location away. Travel fast. Travel safe.

BE READY – Grab Your Complete Bug Out Survival Guide NOW!