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DIY 50hr Survival Candles

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How To Make 50hr Survival Candles

How To Make 50hr Survival Candles Follow Me on Pinterest

If SHTF, candles will be one of the best things you could have stocked up on. Candles are cheap but do not last that long. This homemade recipe makes as many candles as you want and if used in the mason jars mentioned can last up to 50hrs, some even say 70+ hrs.

These are so easy to make a child could make them, but obviously as we are heating the wax a child shouldn’t be doing this lol. Thanks to teotwawkiblog.blogspot.com.au for showing us how to do this, Read on to see how to make these awesome survival candles. Maybe make a big batch and give them away as gifts πŸ™‚

DIY 50hr Survival Candles

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