DIY Prepper Security

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DIY Prepper Security

DIY Prepper Security

For some, it might be one of your greatest fears should the grid go down.  For others, thoughts of being safe on your own homestead might drown out and sweep under the carpet the dangers that surround you.  The truth is, without security, the only thing between you and a grid down intruder might be a few panes of glass or a feeble door lock.

Physical and electronic security isn’t about stopping a would be foe, stopping an assailant is your responsibility.  If your only warning of attack is the sound of your door getting kicked in, you won’t have much time.  No, the purpose of security is to give you more time to react.  Knowing an intruder is a hundred feet, a football field, or half a mile from your home gives you precious time to put your defense plans into action.  Sure, you could post guards, you could rely on Fido, you can even hide, but there are better ways.

There are many security devices available, ranging from cameras to motion sensors, but which ones are the best for a prepper?  Which devices will perform in SHTF? There are many considerations, most sensors are electronic, so power consumption is one of them.  Find out what can do best to give you early warning of a post apocalypse criminal in:

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